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This contents are written from my point of view as cosmetic user. I am trying to best myself to describe products and telling you what I felt about this product. So this blog is not commercial and it is more like daily experience. Moreover, I will talk about only my Japanese cosmetics experiences! By the way, every time you will see sumo icon and his name is COSMO.


We are going to talk about Cleansing lotion from chulala. As you can see from here, left one is sample one and contains 30mL, which you can use for a week and this will be very useful if you travel. And the right one is original size, contains 150mL. Which means, you can use it about one month and half.  If you see, you might think the water inside is blue but only the packaging is blue and the water inside is pure water from OKINAWA, JAPAN. There are some cottons in sample packaging and it is a bottle type. However, original one is a pump type and have a cap so that you can prevent it to go out, and control how much you use it when you do not use or when you go to travel.

Here are some photos of Okinawa and it is very famous place in Japan for beautiful landscape and mostly for water cleaness. Okinawa attracts a lot of tourists every year !

As you can see here,


Even you do not understand any Japanese, you can always catch attention to this MADE IN JAPAN sentence

because this one is always written in English. As this cleansing lotion is based on OKINAWA WATER, there is no chemical smells and some particular parfums. In addition, it is mixed of fruit, yuzu, ginger extracts. So, you can smell fresh water from Okinawa in this small bottle. Sometimes, washing face so many times can make skin troubles as tightness and dry or turnover. So, that is why people tell you washing two times after using your cleansing form.

But this lotion do not need to wash two times as it is based on water and even you do not wash your face for only one time, there will be no problems. Furthermore, this item can be used for two foctions. It can be a make-up, eye remover and face washing. 


So I tried this one on my hand to show you.

Firstly, I could not believe that this water type cleansing form can wash make-up perfectly and fastly. But after using it, I became really like this product. For using it, if you want to use as a make-up removal, I recommend you to pushe is four to six times and using two pieces of cottons will be a good idea. However, if you want to use it as face-washing, two to three pushes would be a ideal and you need only one cotton for that. When you apply it, it is like water and after using it, there are no tightness moreover, you do not have to wash it more than two times.  It has magical power to erase your make-up in 2 seconds. 

I recommend you using cottons for apply this products. Because as it is water type, you can erase more easily and perfectly if you use cottons. As it can erase very quickly make-up, it is a good idea to have one when you have a busy day or when you are tired day but still need to remove your make-up. And I mentioned that, you do not need two times face-washing as other products and you can erase your make-up in 2 seconds, it is because water is from OKINAWA OCEAN MINERALS, so that is why there is no tightness after use.



I really wiped my make-up on my hands in 2 seconds and there is fresh feelings after using. Moreover, as most of compositions are from OKINAWA OCEAN, I do not have to wash it two times. I strongly recommend someone who want to remove your make-up in a few seconds and who like natural skin care.



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