I am going to talk about Hot cleansing gel from MaNara Japanese company. I was little bit wondering why it calls HOT cleansing gel. I got sample one and the photo you see below is sample size as well. As you can see here, its main color is orange and contains 4g, which is enough to use for face washing or remove your make-up for one time. And original one contains 200g. When you open it, its color is orange and does not have any particular smells.


As you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. This gel is blended with hyaluronic acid, collagen which are good for anti-aging, Royal jelly, squallance and ceramides which helps moisturising your skin. This gel is not only for clearing away your make-up but also removes disconcerting pore blockaghes and mostly, leaving your skin clean and fully moisturized. It is composed with 100% natural oils and some featurings which are extracted from grape fruits. 


Sorry for my photo, actually it is orange color but on my photo, it looks little bit light orange. Anyways, as you can see below, when you open, you will get that amount of products, which is 4g. Firstly, open your sample and rub your hands together until it is getting hot. After, applying this gel on your hands to the entire surface of your face and keep rubbing for a minutes. And then, rinse it with water around 32‘C until you cannot see white or cloudy bubbles. And also, make sure if you put some gels along the hairline, nostrills etc. Here is a tip!

1. More you rub the gel, more it will getting hot!

2. Rinse your face with water around 32‘C


So, I tried this one. I put some lipsticks on my arm and tried to erase this one!


When you put it, you can feel this is concentrated gel and the interesting thing is that more you wipe your arm, more you can feel it is getting hot and it is getting easy to remove your make-up. Personally, I like this warm keeps my face after using it and there is no tightness or dried skin probelms after using it. I use it every morning and night. You can use it for remove your make-up or simply using for facial cleaning.



My make-up is completely earsed. Before the end, I would like to tell you that this cleansing gel cannot erase waterprood msacara. So I recommend you remove it with a specialized remover before cleansing.


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