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When you normally put lipstick, you may reput every 1 hour because of dryness. So, in my case, I put lipstick and then lip protector after and it was too annoying bring 2 things and put 2 things as well. But if you try Lip stick moisutre rich from Ailus, Japanese company. You do not need to worry about dryness. It will keep your lip moistured as long as possible.


As you can see from packaging, lipstick color is soft pink which makes you more cute. It contains 3.7g and the size is same as other lipsticks. It is very soft and handy. It nourishes lips with a lot of moisturizing ingredients. And how it can be possible? It is because they cared about choosing ingredients. Apple extract and glossy oil and jojoba oil and honey extract are key elements for this item.  So, what is their work? 

Firstly, apple extract helps to keeping oxidization on lips and removes the negative skins. Glossy oils helps your lips for lasting moisturized and shine. Jojoba oil and honey extract works for moisturizing and makes plump lips! This is how you can lasting your lips moistured and keep lasting for a long time ! 

It is from Naris Cosmetics from Osaka. Their fore is developping products the skin`s power with new technology. If you zoon this photo, you can see clearly that is from OSAKA, JAPAN.



Personally, I did not like put lipsticks as I told you on the top of the page (Because of dryness). But since I knew this item, I put everyday. And I do not have to worry about dryness anymore. When you put it, it is very soft and you do not have to put a lot. Actually, If you want to have strong color you can put two times and if you like soft color, put one time will be enough. For my case, I put only one time as I like sweet color. 


For erasing your lipstick, you can use normal make-up cleansing form and you can use also normal facial washing cream as well. As it is very soft, you do not have to use strong chemical cleansing form to erase and sometimes, wiping with tissu and washing with water work as well. 


I really love this products because this color fits well for every dress and every clothing as it is not very strong. Furthermore, this color is Korean and Japanese girls` favorite one! Because it is close to blossom colour! 


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