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Asians people usually do not like oil type skin care beacuase it is so sticky and greasy. Otherwise, Europeans love oils and they put everywhere as on hair, on face and on body, especially in summer seasons. Some cheap oils are only greasy and have any functions. But this one, undecor oil is composed with herb extract and an innovative item. Because it is very different among other items because it is non-greasy! So let`s have a look. 


As you can see here, it contains 15mL, pump type and it is small size. Herb photo shows that it is one of its important ingredient. And when you open it, it smells mixture of herbs which is really good to relax. Personally, I put it below my nose and ear whenever I feel so tired and it helps me a lot. This herb smells are enough to get rid of stress and make me confortable. I strongly suggest for someone who has a lot of stress and for students who will have big test soon. In addition, it will be a good idea for parents or grandparents present


It is mixture of rice bran oil, macadamia seed oil, olive fruit oil and flower, fruit , leaf extracts. This company use only natural ingredients and it is safe even for children and for pregnants. That is the reason why it only contained only 15mL as well. It means that oils are highly concentrated. The best tip for buying cosmetics is to buy small size and change every month or every one month and half. So, imagine that you use this item every night, maybe you can use it for about 2 months. As it is well concentrated, you do not have to reput again and again. 


This product is not only for face. You can use it everywhere, for example, on your palms and in the whole of your face and every part if your dry skin. pushing 2 times will be enough for one time use. 


So, I tested this item. Firstly, clean well your skin part where you will put this item. And then dry well. Once your skin is clean, push 1 or 2 times. Actually, usage depends on your skin type. If you have a dry skin, you can pump it more than 3 times and if you want to put only some particular areas or if you have oily skin, pushing 1or 2 times will be enough. 


It absorbs very well into the skin and smells are very relaxing and not greasy at all. Also, you can clean this oil (if you want) , you can clean it just by water. Do not need to use additional cleansing cream for erase it. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about skin problem as it is based on natural herb.



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