AloAlo hair essential oil mist

You have heard about a hair mist or hair oil. Hair mist is a spray only for moisturizing your hairs from dryness and hair oil is for putting some nutritions and keeping moisturized your hair for a long time. And how about if there is Hair mist + Hair oil? AloAlo hair essential oil mist is the answer! 


As you can see from here, this is spray type and have a protection cap. It contains 100ML and handy size. Which means, it is not too small neither not too big, so that you can bring this everywhere. Personally, I bring this everytime whenever I travel or in my backpacks in daily life as well. It smells SO GOOD, mostly mixture of herb which makes me so relax and THE BEST ITEM that I have never had. So what is the ingredients? it is mixture of special ingredients. There are 5 beauty ingredients which make your hair supple and glossy. Moreover 9 differents essential oils make your hair softly. Alga near spinosa kemel oil, camellia seed oil, shea butter oil, sunflower seed oil , Iran Iran Hanayu and Roman chamomile flower oil are the components.


It works both wet and dry hair and gives your hair more naturally and smoothly. Usually in summer season, it is not hard to keep your hair from the sun. The sun is very hot enough to dry your hair. In my case, I have really thin hairs, so I am afraid that it breaks up. So after shampoo and rinse, I put this oil mist on my wet hair. So that it can last more longer. However, I do not put on my top of the head because top of my head is very oily. So I put only on the end of my hair because this is where not a lot of nutritions are reaching. However, usuage depends on your hair type. For example, If you have middle-long or long hair as me and want to care only the end of your hair, it will be a good idea to put only the split ends. In contrast, if you suffer from your hair dryness, you can put everywhere wheter top of the head and the bottom. 


So, I tried to put it, so open the cap and watch carefully which parts of your hair you would like to put. For me, it was only bottom of my hair. 



I am so sorry about the before/ after photos. So I made a video and put link in here, so please take a look. On that video, you can know more and its fuctions. This item is must have item for young people but it can be a good present as well to your mother or friends or your sisters’ present. It can be used not only in summer but in every season as well!!! Let’s protect our damaged hair with ALOALO HAIR OIL MIST 


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