A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence

A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence, this item is ALL IN ONE cream and makes skin more moisture and clear. It is composed with 5 big ingredients which are good for whitening, anti-aging and improving wrinkles and so on. So let`s take a look! 


It contains 50mL and packaging color is similar as blossom color. I think this blossom color is very popular for girls because it gives soft, young, and smooth images. It does not have some particular smells and no chemical smells as well. When you open it, you can see that is a pump type and has a cap as well to protect whenever some creams come out. 


It is composed with 5 major beauty ingredeints which are known to be effective for whitening, improving wrinkles and sofening grain as all the women desire. It can be applied to every skin type as it is conditionning serum. And here in Japan, it is very popular item because it works the cell to train and remove negative things from our skin, so that it makes our skin much more healthier. 


They used really good ingredients;  Inirain-Roifashiru which is good for wrinkles, armature nozzle extract which helps moisture and circulation, oil-soluble vitamins A which affects for whitening and elasticity, natural vitamin E for circulation and promotion, absorption vitamin C for whitening as well.  



Regarding for using, push appropriate amount which can cover your face. Usage depends on your skin type. If you skin is very dry, you should put more because this cream will absorb very quickly into your face. But if you have normal or oily face, this amount, as you can see from this picture, will be enough to have efficient resultat.

Then, massage your face smoothly, here, you do not have to massage your face too hard. Put carefully, your V-shape! For me, I put only on my cheeck because my forehead and my nose are very oily, so I avoid putting creams or gels on there. But as I told you before, usage depends on your face type and on you. 

Before putting cream, you should make sure that your face is clean enough to put it. Because, if you do not wash your face before and put this cream, you might get some skin troubles because of mixture of harmful things on your face. So, keep in mind that clean your face, and wipe moistured on your face and then put some creams. 

I usually put this moisturizing cream at night because it can last and absorb for a long time while I am sleeping and I am really happy to find my moisturized skin when I wake up. 


So, this is the photo when you massage all your face. There are still shiny effects but do not worry! it will absorb very quickly into your skin and make your face more moisturized and smooth! This cream has a lot of moisturized fonctions so it will be very useful someone has dry skin and using it in summer season. 


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