AHA Excellent Soap Plus and Counseling Gel Moist Type

Excellent soap plus and counseling gel moist type are not ordinary products. It is from Excellent Medical company from Japan, they handle the producs which are doctor`s cosmetics and supplements, and developped with medical specialists and medical institutions. They cared about choosing ingredients and only chosed higher active ingredients compare to other cosmetics on the market. So let`s take a look! 


Firstly, I will introduce AHA excellent soap. It contains 100g, which you can use for 2 months. It helps for firming and has moisturize functions. In addition, it is made of 7 differents natural extracts; Polygonum cuspidatum, licorice, tea, rosemary, chamomile, gotu kola and skullcap are the examples. This item is focused on the exfoliating and anti-aging care, which cures up your dull skin to bright skin. 


It does not remove your make-up so you should use your special mak-up removal cream before using this product. You can apply this item simply when you want to wash your face and do not want to use any chemical facial cream to wash your face. 


You can rub it one or two times because small amount will be enough for facial washing! So if you do care about firming or moisturizing and anti-aging, this item will be good for you! 


This is counseling gel which is composed of 7 big ingredients hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramide, collagen, and elastin, cherry blossom extract and chamomile extract as well. These ingredients will keep your soft and moisturizing everyday. Wrinkles and acne troubles usually come from lack of moisture in the skin. It contains 180g which you can apply for 2 months. It has 4 effects as well; lotion, cream, milky lotion and essence so you do not have to put a lot of different creams. It is a ALL IN ONE cream. 


Before applying it, please clean your face thoroughly. If you do not clean well before applying this cream, it will be hard to gel to penetrate into your skin. Also, if you did make-up, please remove it as well. Then, push one or two times, do not use a large amount at once. Spread the gel from middle of the face to the outside part of your face. If you have some dry areas, please put 1 or 2 times more so that it can absorb well into your skin. Here the tip is do not massaging your face so hard or press down your skin. Because this cream absorb quickly even you do not do extra rubbing! 







From my point of view, these two items are very soft and works well. Especially counseling gel is really good for moisturizing your face. So I put it every night after washing my face. So that I can have fully moisturized skin in the morning so that, my make-up works well. Especially in summer, skins tend to get dry so it is neccessary to care your skin with special moisturized cream everyday. 


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