AILUS Lasting Smooth Powder Foundation

I use BB cream and then foundation to finish my make-up base. Foundation is very essential for make-up. But if your skin is so dry, it is possible that foundation does not absorb into your skin and makes make-up little messy. So that is why I always used BB cream before putting foundation because of my dryness skin. But how about if foundation lasts for a long time and moisturizing at the same time? Ailus Lasting smooth powder foundation is ont of that cosmetic type.


It is conatained by blossom color packaging and has 10g. It also has sunblock fonctions, SPF 19/ PA+. It is small as you can easily grap in your hand and as it is small, it is very convenient to put in your handbacks and correct your make-up in subways or in bus wherever you want. It has a small glass as well so you can check you make-up is correct or see your face very clearly. There is a small cushion which is very soft, so that you can put your foundation on your face smoothly


This item is from OSAKA, JAPAN. 2 big elements of this product is Vitamine E and hyaluronic acid. Vitamine E gives nutrition to your skin and reoxygen damaged cells, moreover it roles anti- inflammatory processes. And makes skin more bright and healthier looking.  Hyaluronic acid is good for anti-aging. 


This powder covers perfectly your face, and you can apply easily even uneven areas with this cushion offered. It makes your skin smooth and finish your make-up perfectly. This color makes you more healthier skin as well. If you like natural color make-up, put just a little. If you want to get whitening effect, put little bit more. Usage depends on way of your make-up style. 


Firstly, wipe your face with facial cream. Make your face clean before applying. And then, put some serums and creams so that your skin will be moistured. If you like whitening skin, put some BB creams before putting foundation. However, if you think putting only foundation is enough, you can skip this BB cream step! And then put some powders and you can control your usage by your color preference. Here, if you want, you can put only some parts of your face. Some people think that we should cover all our face when we use foundation but it is not true. If you want, you can put only some dark areas of your face or only some parts where you would like to cover or hide. This is my make-up style, so please reference it! 


In this photo, you can see clear difference from <BEFORE/ AFTER> effect. It effects soft and smooth whitening color. Moreover, the powders are very small so skin absorbs very well whenever I put it. In addition, it lasts for a long time so you do not have to put every hours or check your make-up! 


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