ATORREGE AD+ madicated hand cream curemoist

Every girls have handcream in their own handbags. In other words, it is very essential for girls. This protect our hands not too dry and keep it moistured as well. Handcreams are easy to give presents to our friends or our familes as well. The cosmetic item from Japan, is very different from other handcreams that we can see in the drug stores. Because it has medical fonctions and has real fonction to make our hands moistured! 


As clearly seen from this picture, it is handy size so that it is very easy to bring everywhere. There is no problem to put in your backpacks or handbags, whenver you go to work or travel. It contains 40g. You might think it contains little creams than other handcreams that you see in cosmetic store. But there is the reason why there are only 40g! As it is highly concentrated cream, you do not have to put a lot !! Only putting a little amount would be enough to care your hands and keep it moisuted for a long time. In addition, they did not used special parfume or colors to make it pretty or attract more people. If you cannot believe me, it is also written in Japanese on the front of the packaging (of course in Japanses), so if you understand any Kanji, you can verify it soon!! You do not have to worry about skin alergy.


It is composed with 3 big ingredients; first one is called Placenta extracts, which is skin-whitening ingredient which can prevent blemishes and freckles because of sunburns and bring clarity and smoothness to your hands and skin.

Second one is akebia stems extract, it brings a full moisture-rich feeling to your hands and skin with each application. Your skin will feel smooth and pleasure to touch! 

Third one is long-lasting moiture formula, which is made up of 8 differents moisturizing ingredients, it brings a great suppleness to your skin even after washing your hands! 


When you apply it at the first time, you can see directly it is highly concentrated. So it might be more suitable for someone who suffer from dryness skin or for your parents or grandparents who do not have much moistured skin. The interesting to note is that you can apply it everywhere, dry and blemish-prone areas such as your elbows, knees and heels. So when you open it, put an appropriate amount to dry areas on your hands and skin, and spread out! Massage your skin softly during it makes for effective results! 






Personally, this item does not affordable for me, because my hand is not very dry to use this products. So I really recommend someone who suffers from dryness not only for hands but other parts as well, and parents or grandparents who really need high concentrate cream. 


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