CRE CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL

This is innovative item for someone who suffers from blackheads and dead skin for nose!! I think mostly everyone has blackheads but do not know how to remove it. Me too, I want to remove my blackheads and get a clean nose but do not know how to do. I tried everything like, blackheads stickers that you put for 15 to 20 minutes and saw some articles about how to move blackheads but I could not get clear informations about that. So, that is why I will introduce Pore gommage paste item! 


It contains 20g and small size and you can see from this photo. Pink packaging and this small size make this item more cute.  This does not contain any particular smells because it is composed with natural things. It is composed with 6 big ingredients. First one is LA MER POWDER. It generates negative ions and removing sebum and dirt that blocks pores and also has the scrubbing effect for removing dead skin. Moreover, it contains rich mineral content, it moistures your nose. It generates weak electricity as well which activates and promotes the metabolism of the skin. Second ingredient is TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS POLYSACCHARIDE POWDER which tightens pores and moisturized. In addition, GINGER RHIZOME EXTACT makes nose gradually warmer within the pack and make the pore s easy to open and completely adsorbing dirt. La MER POWDER is from okinawa and Kumejima deep sea water which has rich minerals. Lastly, this all components make synergy and refreshes and cleanses dirty pores and softens and moistens the skin of your nose. 


As you can see here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. 


Only a small amount will be used for cover your nose, you do not need to put a lot. When you apply it, you can feel it is very soft and do not have any big grains so it will not hurt your nose as other similar items. Firstly, clean your skin and wipe moisture away and apply this item to the nose including around the sides as well. After waiting 3 minutes, massage the treated area with your finger about 10 seconds. Rinse your nose with moistured cotton pad with lotion or tepid water. 


In my case, I apply it 2 or 3 times a week. As we sweat a lot in summer seasons, I do clean my face as many as possible and at the same time I use this item to remove my blackhead. In here, the tips that I can give you is that wipe your face with tepid water! which means, water that is not too cold neither not too hot. This temperature helps open nose pore so that gommage can absorb inside and works properly. 


I tested this item. Put some creams by using your second finger. Actually, that amount was little bit a lot for cover my nose. So, I recommend put a little than that. 



Put on my nose and massaged for 10 seconds as it is written on the packaging and waiting for a while. 



You cannot really see the difference from <BEFORE/ AFTER> photo, but anyways, I could feel that my nose is much more clean than when I used only normal facial cream. If you have blackhead problems as me, please try to use it!! It works very well! 


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