SCALP-D BEAUTE Pure Free Eyelash – Eyelash Serum

Having long eyelish is girls` best wish! Some girls go to beauty shop and put some artificial long eyebrows. But it starts to fall after 1 or 2 weeks and finally, it disappears one day. Some people say eating protein foods as eggs, meats can be helpful make hairs long. But how can we get our long eyebrows? So, I will tell you secret how we can make longer our eyebrows! This item is the No.1 sold eyelash serum in Japan and won the first place of the Cosme Best Cosmetics Awards three years in a row! I won its hall of fame in 2015. 


It contains 6mL and well covered by pink packaging. You can easily understand this item is for making eyebrows longer from the photos on packaging. You might think that 6mL is not a lot but putting only for eyebrows once a day will be enough to use it for about 2 months! There is no particular smells and when you open it, there is a brush that you can apply it on your eyebrows and there is clear liquid inside the bottle! 


As you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. This item is not just make eyebrows longer but also it helps eyebrows more thicker. So, I strongly suggest it to someone who lose their eyelashes easily. Ingredients are water, BG, pentylene glycol, glycerin etc, I will not enumerate all but you can get all ingredients information from Cosmeria website. This item has 3 big strong points; first one is it keeps all the eyelashes growning now and have grown. Widelash ingredient maintains strengthened eyelashes as well as strengthening eyelashes. Next, they avoided to use some ingredients, silicone, oil, alcohol, preservatives, artificial gragrance, artificial colorings, and surfactant as it is for applying eye area where is very sensitive part of our body. Lastly, it will help firm eyelashes to grow from the roots with the serum ingredients! They cared from the view of preventive medicine and considered about hair growing cycle. 



So, how we can use? You can apply it once in a day, every morning or every night for 3 weeks. Putting everyday is very important to have a result that you want. Moreover, if you decided to put it every morning, keep putting every morning. If you change the putting cycle day by day, it will be hard that your eyelashes can be longer. 



There is a small brush that you can use! But do not use in areas wherer you affected by injury, eczema or pigment anomalies etc. Moreover, you should stop using itif you have any irritation or itching. The important thing that I should tell you is that, you should keep this item in cool areas! It is very important for item and for you! Do not store in areas where is extremely heated or cold, or where receving direct sunlight!! Furthermore, you should close it carelfully after use! 



You can see my eyelashes are very short… And I started to apply it since yesterday, so I will update an <AFTER> photo as soon as possible after 3 weeks! 


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