Ellesoie Crystal Gel & CRYSTAL Peeling Gel

Ellesoie crystal gel and crystal peeling gel are from same company, Ellesoie Cosmetics. This company provide their products only to ryokans and hotels in Japan. You cannot see them in pharmacies or department stores or duty-free shops because they want thier customers test their products jsut after washing their skin. They provide only functional skincare products.


The left one is crytal peeliung gel and the right one is crystal gel. You can have double effects if you use both at the same time. 


Peeling gel contains 150g and released in 2006 in Japan. This is a pump type so you can easily control usage and there is no special chemical smells. As its packaging color, gel is white color as well. The small nano grains will clean the impurties which are not easy to remove by simple washing or exfoliating. As grains are small, it does not hurt the skin neither occur any skin alergy. 


As you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It is composed with micro collagen and micro hyaluronic acid which fortifies your skin more moisture. In addition, they did not add colorings or mineral oils which are not really good for skin. 



Before using peeling gel, wash your face and remove make-up. Then dry your face. Then pump 1-3 times on your hand and massage your face for about 30 -40 seconds. Then clean your face with warm water. Apply it every 2-3 days. Here, you can massage on your neck also not only your face. 



It is very soft and it keeps my skin moisturized after using this one. Moreover it removes some dirties which are deep inside of the skin and hard to remove it with ordinary facial washing cream. 


Once you cleaned your face with peeling gel, then it is better to put this crystal gel. It contained 60g and focused on moisturizing. This one is an all-in-one gel works as a skin lotion, milky lotion, skin essence, nutritive cream and base. The gel is not irritating your skin at all so all skin type can use this one. In addition, this product did not add colors, mineral oil or surfactants so even children or old people can use this one. 


This is combined of placenta which is good for whitening, marine collagen which is good for moisturizing, three types of seaweed – brown algae, red algae, freen algae, and Vitamine C and more natural things which are good for skin. Furthermore, they included anti-inflammatory agent which is good for sunburn care.



Put appropriate amount of gel on your face. Before putting this gel make sure that you clenaned your skin. 



Massage it softly, you do not need to massage it a lot or putting additional cream because even with a little amount of gel, you can get a big effect ! 


If you are interested in skin care, mostly in moisurizing, you will like this product. Mostly, this one will be good to apply after hot spring or sauna! 


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