Plus Pure VC25

Plus Pure VC25 is high concentrated vitamine C serum. However, vitamine C is a hard ingredient to handle for comsmetic products although it is well known that vitamine C is good for skin and makes your skin moisturized, protected and firmed. So, we can say that this is one of the rare item you can see.


Sample size contains 2mL and original size (big one) contains 10mL. It is protected by black packaging and when you open it, you can see that there is a thraw and serum is well contained in a glass of bottle. With a thraw, it helps to use appropriate amount of serum and avoid to using it with your hands. When you use your cosmetic with your hands, creams and serums can be easily polluted hygienically not really clean. ** This is sample size, 2mL on this photo.


It smells fresh lemons and fruits. It is because lemon is one of its major ingredient. For obtaining 10mL of serum, 130 lemons are contributed. Kiwi, litchi, strawberry, papaya have vitamine C but there is more vitamine C in lemons. Many researches show that Vtamine C helps to repair damaged skin, helps anti-aging and whitening. it also gets rid of dead skin cells and makes skin more smoother and lighter. It also protects wounds from infection. It smells fruits and fresh lemons. 


First of all, you only need 4-5 drops to cover all your face. As there is a straw, you can easily control your usage. This serum is not sticky or oily type. So every skin type can use this serum. For example, me, I have a oily face type but I have no problem to use this product. Before applying this item, you should wash your face. I usually put it just after washed my face, so that it can penetrate deeply inside of skin. If you put some creams or another serum before applying this item, you might not have 100% result. Because other creams that you put before could be hinderance. 


This can be dissolved by water and oils. So if you want to remove this item, you can easily use water to get out of it. You do not need special make-up remover cream to erase. Personally, I tried this one at night, so that it can stay for a long time and works well. These days, my skin does not have energy because of sunny weather and stress and a lot of work make look my skin so tired. But after using this one, I could have a direct result just day after. So it will be very useful if you want to have a quick result, change your face color from dark to white. In addition, if you have an important meeting or wedding, this item can help you a lot. 






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