This gel is based on vegetal placenta, which is origin of plant origin. It is an organic gel, so people who are not able to use an animal derived product can use this one. Organic cosmetics are becoming popular and get interests by Korean and Japanese customers. It is because we do more care about ingredients today. 


It contains 50g and you can use it not only for face gel but also you can put any dry areas such as on your hands, elbows or legs. It works as body lotion. This is liquid type so you can control your amont of use by this pump. 2-3 times pumping is enough for cover all your face. As it is liquid type, it can easily penetrate deeply into the skin. It is composed with rose placenta extract and the stem cell extract which are produced and rose in Bulgaria. This cream is very safe, you do not have to worry about chemical alergy and did not used animal placenta. 


As you can see here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. Its major function is whitening, anti-aging and moisture care. It will enhance your skin growth factor. In addition, vegetal placenta has more antioxidant effect than animal placenta so you can benefit more and quickly thanks to this item. This gel can help renew your cellul and restraint of melanin excretion so that you can keeping whitening and moisurized skin. 



Take a coin size portion on your hand and apply it on your entire face. Apply more heavily on around eyes and lips because these areas are easy to get dry. Anyways, you can control your usage by your skin type. Put more gels if your skin is dry. You can also put some particular dry areas. It is really good to moisturize your skin so it will be good to calm your burned skin from the sun. Even people who have sensitive skin and young people can use, not only for adults. So, when you apply, you can feel this gel refresh and repair your skin as fast as possible. Furthermore, it lasts for a long time so you do not need to put additional cream after it.



Only a little amount of gel was enough to cover all my hand. As it is liquid type, you can massage it smoothly and softly. However, this gel is very slippery as it is from vegetal placenta. So, even after washing my hands, some slippery liquid are left and does not remove out even after using soap and cleansing creams to wash it. 

So, If you find any organic gel, based in vegetal placenta, and have sensitive skin, please try this one! 


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