Mineral Foundation Starter Kit

You can find basic skin care items in mineral foundation starter kit box! It is from Etvos skincare company from Japan. There are five skin care items; Moisturizing serum, Moisturizing lotion, argan oil, Matte smooth mineral foundation that you can wear in day and night mineral foundation that you can wear at night! It is not all! There are a brush, a soap and additional powder gift!! 


This is the box that you will get ! From the packaging, you can see already this item is natural by its color and design. 


You will see some magazines at first open! 




There are three brochures which will explain how to use the items, their other products and some beauty tips! 


Items are ranged like this. so let`s have a look! 


This one calls moisturizing serum contains 10mL. It is a milk and liquid type. Silk , isostearic acid , glycosyl trehalose are its ingredients. You do not have to put so much, only a small amount will be enough to cover all your face! So, putting this one is the first step. 


And then, put moisturizing lotion! It contains 20mL and milk type as well. This will help not to flow away moisturizing serum that you put before! 


This one is argan oil, contains 3mL. It is very soft and not too sticky. So, this one will be third step of skin care. 


As you can see here, it is all MADE IN JAPAN. 


Step to using this one is serum- lotion- oil. But oil is optional. If your skin is dry, it is better to put some oil at the end. 


This one is matte smooth mineral foundation. It makes skin more light and cover pores, wrinkles and lines. Moreover, it lasts for a long time and the powder protects skin from dryness and moisturizing the skin. It can removed by hand soap, you can erase by a soap they offered in the box! Do not need to put special cleansers! You can put this one as make-up base to make your skin more brighter! or just putting as skin care.


This one is night mineral foundation. You can put this one even in night, when you go to bed. This can be used as a base foundation or finishing powder. This one is bedtime treatment so you can confortably go to bed with it ! 


This is the photo that I put matte smooth mineral foundation and then night mineral foundation. So if you put two at the same time, the first one will make your skin more lighter and the night foundation will make your skin more suitable to your skin color.


As you can see here, these are also MADE IN JAPAN ! 



This one is before using matte smooth mineral foundation and night mineral foundation ! 



This photo is after using two foundations! I am so sorry that you cannot see the differences but I can see my skin became more brighter and more soft! 


You can remove your foundation easily with a soap and your brush also!!! This item will make your skin be ready to do make-up and enhance your skin more moisturized! 


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