Brilliant eyes

Brilliant eyes is produced by Zettoc style. Its fonction is to make eyelash much longer and moisturizing. Many Asians` complex is short eyelash lenght. So this one could be a key to make your eyelash more longer. There are not a lot of products for eyelash. However, there are more products for eye make-ups. And this product ranked the first in raking ranqueen Japan competition. So, let`s have a look! 


Before going to composition informations, it is quite interesting to note that this product did not use chemical ingredients so there is no particular smell. It contains 16g and of course, it is MADE IN JAPAN product. So, every night, apply a little bit to cover all your eyelash. This one is tube type so you can control the amount of cream as you want. However, it is important to note that it is not because that you apply a lot that your eyelash will be longer! Here, the most important thing is that applying a regular basis is the key to make longer your eyelash. Therefore, be patient and trust me! 


Please, wash your face before applying this item. Make sure your face is cleaned enough because if not, it could not fonction well and you will not have the result as you want. And then, put a little amount on your finger and smoothly put on your eyelash. Personally, putting it on daytime will be better than putting on day time. It can absorb more during night time and it is well known that creams and serums are absorbing well into skin while sleeping. Believe it or not, let`s believe it in this time.


As it is my first time to apply this item, it is difficult to discuss about BEFORE and AFTER about this item. However, I am sure you will se the differences after 3 months. If you apply every night, you can finish this item in 2 month and half or in 3 months. This amount might be not enough for someone, however it is better to change items regularly every three months. Because items have their own expiration date, so much better to use small one and change it to new one. It is better for your skin and good for items! 


I was just worried to put too much, so I put only that amount, however it covered all my eyelashes. However, I think my eyelashes were quite dried so this cream absorbed too fast so I reput it. As clearly seen from my experience, the amount of use is rely on your eyelash type; if they are dry, you might put it more if not just adjust the amount. 

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