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Poreless Labo is all in one gel which contains skin toners, moisturizers, milky lotions. It is produced from Poreless Labo, Japan. This one is highly recommended to someone who want to reduce time in busy morning and night. Even though, it has 3 functions, this one is not oily neither heavy. Texture is very simple and not sticky and soft. Since you can see from the photo, it is pump type so you can adjust the amount as you want. Moreover, it has a capsule to protect pump from dusts. Moisturizer gel is the base after washing  your face. It is very important to apply just after washing your face. 


Since you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It contains 30mL. If you apply it every morning and night, for 2 pumping each time you use, you might finish it in 3 months. Sometimes, when I put cream or gel on my face, it makes me more oily face than before. However, this one does not. I could remain fresh when I use this one and it did not make my face oily. Moreover, as this one contains three functions, I did not have to find my lotion and serum. It absolutely reduce time in the morning. Here, it is better to put gel directly on your face than putting on your hand. Because, even though you washed your hands, it is possible gel is contaminated from your hands. 


This is the photo when I applied with 2 pumps. For me, this amount (2 pump) was enough to apply on all my face. This one is very clear and transparent. It does not have particular smell. The good thing for this one is that it absorb very fast and does not remain on skin. Moreover, when I applied some oily parts of face (nose and forehead), it did not make my face oily. More, this pink package is very cute and the size is medium. So you can bring it easily when you go to travel or go to sauna or swimming. I know that some products are very big to bring to go outside because it is very heavy. 


This is the photo when I spread all gel. It is very transparent because of the light. When you apply, it will make your skin very fresh and after some seconds, your skin will be moisturized! Since this one is very light, you can apply this one before doing make up or before go to sleep. This product is similar to water type so you might like it. Even for people who have oily face, normal, dry skin can use this one without problem. And there is no typical age to use this one so you can share this product with your parents or friends. Personally, I liked that this item is very light and keep moisturizing my skin. 


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DeAU Daily Peal

This DeAU Daily Peal contains 10mL. This product is made in medical professional institutions. This product is free of free of paraben, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, petroleum based surfactant, synthetic color and silicon. Moreover, this item is specialized in moisturizing. It does not resurface on skin, not irritating. This one is not irritating at all. 


When you see opposite of the packaging, it is all written in Japanese, so from here you can ensure that this product is from Japan. These ingredients are lemon, orange, grape fruits extracts. It only contains 10mL and if you apply every morning and night, you might finish it in 3 weeks. Moreover, it is better to keep this product in dark and cool area so that materials will not change. Indeed, you should avoid to keep it in dark or humid area. Therefore, it is good idea to keep it in refrigerator also. 


So, how to apply? Just after washing your hand, drop several times on your hand and put it on dry parts at first on your face. And then apply it on all your face. It is important to wash your face before applying so that cosmetic can work well. This is 100% water type and when you apply, you can smell fruits smells. This fruit smells are very smooth and soft. The good thing about this product is, the texture is very light (since it is water type), you can apply several times. Moreover, all ages and all skin types can use this products. Since they used natural ingredients, there will be no skin problems when you use this one.


This is the photo when I applied. As I mentioned above, it is 100% water type. It refreshes your skin and it absorbs very fast into the skin. It does not stay on your skin. I recommend for someone who have dry skin. They can use only this one if they have dry skin. They do not need to apply cream or serum after this one (If you have really oily skin). And someone who have normal skin (mixed skin) can use this one and it is better to put some serum. And for someone who have really dry skin, it is better to put this one and serum and cream. So that they will be protected. 


When you spread it, it will penetrate into your skin very quickly. Once you open this product, you should finish this one in 1 month. And the reason why this is small is that it is better that you change your product quickly. Which means, once you open the product, your cosmetic will be not as fresh as beginning as it meets air. So, it is better to buy small one and change the item for several time. 


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HIPS Skin Care Travel Set

This skin care travel set is from HIPS, Japanese company. Since you can see from the photo, the packaging has Japanese style. In fact, there is another drawing packaging which is blue also. There is cleansing, face wash, lotion and cream, total 4 items. This package is very small, but I am sure that you can use this one for 5 days or more. You can bring this one when you go to swim or go to sauna as well, not only for travel. It is very useful since there are 4 items that we need everyday. 


Since you can see from here, this is MADE IN JAPAN. From the right side, it is written Cleansing, Face wash, Lotion and Cream in Japanese. This company uses ingredients high in anti-inflammatory properties to make products more safe, functional and practical. You might think this travel package is only for girls. But it is also for men. And for all ages


Firstly, this one is cleansing. It contains 6mL. It is to remove make-up. So, If you want to remove your make-up, this item is for you. Since you can see from the photo, this is transparent liquid style. I dropped only 1 time on my hand and I think dropping 2-3 times will be enough to spread all over your face and remove make up. It is better to use warm water when you remove make-up and finish by cold water. So that you can keep fresh skin after washing your face.


Secondly, this one is Face wash cream. It contains 5g. This one is just cleaning your face. It does not have remove make-up function. So it can be used simply if you just want to clean your face or make sure to clean more after using cleansing cream (The item above). This one is milk type and very soft. It does not make a lot of bubbles as other products but it cleans very well with only small amount. Personally, dropping only 2 times will be enough to clean your face. You know that it is not because you use a lot that it cleans well.


Thirdly, this one is Lotion which contains 8mL. It is 100% water type. Usually, lotion has similar texture as water. It is used after cleansing your face to keep moisturizing your face. Dropping only 3-5 times will be enough to cover all your face. It is better to press well when you apply. And do not forget to put lotion just after cleansing your face. 


Lastly, this one is cream. Since you can see from the photo, this one is soft milk type texture. It is not sticky at all and penetrate very well into skin. I was surprised by using this products that these four items are very soft and are not irritating. They are very soft enough that these items can be used for all skin type. 


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Shu et Ra Organic-Lotion 150, Moisture Milk

Shu et Ra is Japanese cosmetic company. These two items are lotion 150 and moisture milk. Moreover, they are organic products; which means they used safe ingredients and no additives. These days, people aware more about organic cosmetics for their skin. These two items are concentrated on moisturizing. Moisturizing face after cleaning is very important to keep your skin fresh and to stay young. These two items can be used for all ages and all skin type since they are organic. 


At first, it is better to apply lotion 150 and then moisture milk. Since you can see from the packaging, they are MADE IN JAPAN. Lotion 150 contains 150mL and Moisture Milk contains 120mL. There are mineral particulars in the items and these particulars will help to regenerate your natural skin. And these particular will help to look your skin young and fresh. As I mentioned above, I told you that these items can be used for all skin type. Usually, organic cosmetics does not occur any skin problems, so even people who have some skin problems can use this one without problem. 


This one is Lotion 150. From my point of view, it is 100% water type. It does not have any particular smell and not sticky at all. After washing  your face, and applying this item can wake up your potential beauty. Moreover, it penetrates well into skin and I can keep moisturized my face even after washing my face. Applying only 3-5 drops will be enough to cover your face. This is one tip, it is better to put dry parts first and applying the rest of them. You can apply more than 5 drops also, if you think your skin is so dry. You can adjust the amount depend on your skin type. 


This is the photo when I applied lotion 150. Since you can see from here, it is 100% water type. 


This one is Moisture Milk. It has pump so you can adjust the amount by pressing it. This one can keep your moisturizing skin for a long time. Personally, I put lotion and then moisture milk. It makes not only my face moisturized but also very smooth. These two items are not irritating and very soft and smooth. I pressed only 3 times and it was enough to spread all my face. These items are very good to put just after washing your face and it is simple to put every morning before doing make-up and every night before sleeping. 


Moisture Milk is not liquid as lotion. However, you can see it is still liquid type. Texture is very soft and it does not have strong smell. 


This is the photo, when I applied both items. I could feel that these items are very good at moisturizing. I recommend someone who want to focus on hydration products or who think for gift for their parents (It is also good for parents age or grand parents). Moisturizing keeps you look young. 


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narural OTOHA UV Milk – apis

Natural Otoha UV milk is made from apis, Japanese company. It is SPF 50 PA++++ sun cream. Different from other products, it is produced from natural ingredients. Apis is Japanese pharmaceutical company. I know people care more about natural and if it is made from pharmaceutical company or not before choosing cosmetics. Usually, ingredients are well chosen and processes are strict for cosmetics from pharmacy. 


Since you can see from here, it is Made in Japan. It contains 50g. This sun cream is addictive free and organic. It suits for all skin type from sensitive skin to oily. This one is milk type, so it keeps moisturizing and functions as sunblock at the same time. You can use this item not only for face but also all on body such as on hands and arms, legs. It will be great idea to use this one in the morning, when you do not have a lot of time. I recommend you to use it; firstly; wash your face, and then put some lotion, and put this cream. And then, do some make-up if you do. 


Before using it, it will be better to wash your face and handle it before using. However, it is better to use this one after putting some lotion. You can cover all your face with only small amount of cream. So, be careful not to press too strongly. If you pressed too much, you can cover it on your arms or on your hands. Suncream is recommended to use for all seasons. Even during winter time, it is better to put suncream when you go out. Too much exposure from the sun can make skin older quickly and make dryness very quickly. 


Since, I mentioned above, it is soft milk type and has no particular smell. Sometimes, when I put sunblock cream, I met some skin troubles; such as not penetrating well into skin or it makes skin too brighter. However, Natural Otoha UV milk absorb well and makes no skin color change. The most thing that I liked by using this product is that this cream helps to moisturized, so I do not need to worry about dehydration.


This is the photo after spreading suncream on my hand. It is hard to see from this photo, but I hope that you can see my skin looks more moisturized. Even though I put more on my hand, it absorbed very quickly and I can still feel that my skin is moisturized. I recommend to try this cream for someone who like natural cosmetics like me. Moreover, this cream can be used for all skin type and all ages. Personally, I like this cream is addictive free and used natural ingredients. 


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GOOD SKIN TOMORROW-Moischarge Spa, Moisture Concentrate Drop, Supreme Cream

Good skin tomorrow has 3 series cosmetics. Firstly, moischarge spa, moisture concentrate drop and supreme cream. These three products contain hot spring water from “Ushio Onsen” in Izumo, Japan. This water relaxes skin and helps to moisturized and helps anti-aging by nano capsules. I hope you know that it is better to apply products by lotion- serum- cream. So here, it is ordered by moischarge spa- moisture concentrate drop- supreme cream. 


Firstly, when it comes to Moischarge Spa, it contains 125mL. It is totally water type. It is the product to apply very first time just after washing your face. It helps to hydrate quickly from dryness and helps to keep moisturized after face cleaning. Only 3-4 drops is enough to cover all your face. Since it is 100% water type, this lotion will be enough to use for someone who suffer from oily face. 


You can see clearly from the packaging that it is MADE IN JAPAN. When I applied, I could smell some natural plant ingredients and absorb very well into skin. You can feel easily that this lotion is used by hot spring water. It smells very pleasant. 


This one is the second step. This one is moisture concentrate drop. Its texture is between water and cream. Not so liquid as water but not so heavy as cream. It contains 30mL. It will help to keep moisturized for a long time after using moischarge spa. Lotion helps to awake skin and serum helps to keep moisturizing. Lotion dries away very quickly so it is better to put serum. The texture is very soft and has milk color. 


This is the photo when I put serum (moisture concentration). This is more like soft milk type and not too oily. So, it can be used for all type skins. Since it is very light type, you can use it before doing make-up also. And of course, you can apply it every morning and night. Its smell is so relaxing and not irritating. 


Third one is Supreme cream. This is the last step cream. It contains 30g. You might think that this is not enough to cover all your face. But since you already applied lotion and serum before, only little amount will be enough to cover all your face. Its texture is more heavy than serum (Moisture concentrate) and it has same milk color as serum. This third step helps keep moisturizing. For example, it will be better to do until 3rd step at night, because this is the time when skin generates and this one can help your skin keep moisturized. 


This is the supreme cream when I applied. Even though it is cream, it is very light and absorb very well into skin. Moreover, smell is very relaxing and texture is very soft. It can be used for all type skin and all ages. Lastly, you do not need to use all, but you can adjust by your skin type. 


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Blanc Elena is Halal Certified Cosmetic. Blanc means ‘white’ in French language. Since you can guess from the packaging, it is whitening cream. This product will make you skin more brighter and more lighter by producing natural white skin. I know that white skin is seen as beautiful and pretty in Asian countries. You might confuse between ‘whitening cream’ and ‘BB cream’. Whitening is waking up your potential skin particles to make more brighter and BB cream is just a cream to cover your face to make more brighter (does not wake-up any skin particles). If you are interested in whitening cream, please take a look. 


Since you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN product. It contains 50g. As I mentioned above, it is Halal cosmetic. In other words, ingredients are selected carefully and it contains no alcohol or no animal- derived ingredients and more. So, this product will be one of the choice for someone who uses only halal products. 


Moreover, 6 types of plants are used to make this cream. This is how it keeps skin healthy and moisturizing at the same time, not only whitening. So, how to use? Firstly, make sure that you wash your face and drying it. And then put appropriate amount to cover all your face. However, this cream can be used in all parts of body where you want to make it more white; such as hands, arms, necks and so on. 


This is the photo that I tried. Different from other products, this cream type is particular. It has very white color and when you spread it, it does not penetrate into skin as other products. So, I recommend to use it when you are staying at home or at night. It is more like whitening mask pack. Moreover, it will be better to use 3-4 times a week, so that your skin can have time to be more brighter. You do not need to put any cream before using it. It will be better to use just after cleaning your face. So that, you can see a real effect. 


This is the photo when I covered all over my hand. Since you can see from this photo, this is more like a mask cream. I put a lot of amount when I tried, but I recognized that small amount is enough to cover all over your hand or face. At the first time, you might think it does not penetrate very quickly into skin but it will penetrate slowly as time goes. It depends on your skin type; if you have dry skin, it will penetrate very quickly. And then, when you see that cream is nearly all absorbed, you can keep last or you can wash it. Lastly, I was very surprised that I could have a whitening effect very quickly after using it on my hand ! 


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KUMAMOTO Jumma Cosmetics-Serum, Lotion, Cream

These are Kumamoto jumbo cosmetics. From the left one, it is serum, lotion and cream. If you want to use three items, putting by serum- lotion- cream ordering will be good. However, you do not need to put 3 of them. If you have dry skin, it is better to use three items. If not, you can use only serum or serum + Lotion. This items are good for moisturizing, protect skin from damage and strengthen the skin. 


1. When it comes to serum, it contains 20mL, mixture of horse placenta extract. Since you can see from the packaging, it is MADE IN JAPAN product. These oil ingredient helps to regenerate skin and protect. Sometimes, people are worry about oil type cosmetic because it is too sticky. However, you do not worry about it because this Kumamoto product is not oily and penetrate so well into skin. 


I put only 2-3 drops on my hand and it was enough to cover all my hand. It contains 20mL and you could say that is not enough. But it is enough to use for 2 or 3 month. You do not need to put a lot amount. Of course, before applying, it is better to wash your face. It also restoring tone and elasticity. You can apply it on crow’s feet and laugh lines. They used only natural ingredients and it is good for both skin type; sensitive and dry


2. This one is Kumamoto Lotion. This one’s ingredients are also based on natural ingredients; such as  horse placenta extract, fermented soy milk solution, sato-zakura flower extract, and oligopeptide. It contains 120mL and close to water type. It refreshes skin very fast. And when I applied lotion after using serum, I could feel that my skin refreshes and moisturized very quickly when I compare to other products. Moreover, it does not contain any particular smells. 


This is the photo when I applied. It is hard to see the effect from the photo. This product is very light type, so you can apply easily on face (if you do not like oily style product). Moreover, there is no stickiness after using it. 


3. This one is cream. (Finally on third step). This one is gel type, it has no color. It contains 30g and as I mentioned above, its ingredients are quite similar to two products above. And of course these three products are from Japan. I was surprised this cream is very light but at the same time, it protects very well skin. Moreover, when you apply it, it lasts for a long time. I could feel like I did not put anything. 







<Kumamoto cream- photo> 

Overall, these three items are good for moisturizing and anti-aging. And I recommend someone who would love to use light type serums, lotions and cream. 


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Vernal Travel Set ES

Today, I will introduce Vernal travel set. This is mini travel cosmetic set; which contains two soaps; Anku soap, sensitive zaifu soap  and an essential shower spray. There are two types of sprays; moist and natural. My package is moist travel package. Natural set is recommended for oily and normal type skin people and moist package is recommend to dry or mixed skin. 


When you open, you can see two package for soap and shower moist spray and one soap case, and one plastic pack and a small hand bag which you can contain all these products. Especially, this one small hand bag is useful to put all the cosmetic samples and plastic bag is useful to put soaps carefully. Vernal sensitive soap and anku soap contains each 30g and Vernal essential shower moist contains 60mL. 


From this photo, you can see all the items inside the box. The white soap plastic case is suitable to put two mini soaps. Soaps are small size so that it will be easy to carry for travel. Not only for travel, but also you can take it when you go to sauna or go to onsen, or after swimming. Moreover, you can put other cosmetics in this travel bag such as shampoos and other creams. 


This is soap package. Anku soap is used by Aloe vera leaf extract and Sensitive zaifu soap is used by avocado oil and shea butter. Avocado and shea butter are known for protecting skin and help to care damaged skin. 


The left one is sensitive type soap and the right one is anku soap. They both have different smells, Mostly, they have plant smells. Since these soaps are based on natural plant ingredients, I could not feel any dryness. Moreover, I could have plant smell after using it for a long time. 


This is shower moist spray. Simply, you can put this spray after taking shower. This one is water type and feels like water. It does not remain on skin for long but it refreshes body. Moreover, it does not have any smells. I recommend to use it for someone who like fresh type body care cosmetic. It could be better idea to put it when you are exposed for a long day during summer time. 


Since you can see from here, it is spray type with a small cap on it. For someone who has dryness skin, it would be better to put this one first and then put another cream on it. If not, for someone who has normal or mixed skin, putting only this product will be enough. Personally, this product is not so oily and absorb very quickly.



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skincare soap natural otoha – apis

Natural otoha soap is addictive free soaps made from Japanese chain pharmacy. There are 8 types of smells; lavender, mint, yuzu, sake, sakura, honey etc. This soap on the photo is Yuzu type. It is fabricated only by natural ingredients. Moreover, company used innovative methods; cold process to preserve well natural ingredients. I was very excited to know what is the difference from this soap to other normal products. So, let’s see. 


Since, you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It contains 90g. It has similar size as other products, not too big, not too small. Its main ingredients are Palm oil, Coconut oil, Water, Sodium hydroxide.  It is a soap to wash your face (It does not remove make-up). Therefore, it will be better if you use it if you want to make sure to clean your face after removing make-up. It is very hard type and does not have strong smell in it. However, you can smell yuzu ingredient in it. 


As you can see from photo, you can easily grab it inside your hand. I am ensured that this soap is made by pharmacy group. Because, it means that they used safe ingredients and already tested that this product has no harm to skin. Moreover, they controlled strictly the ingredients and process to make it. This product is addictive free so it does not occur any skin problems. 


Firstly, I tested with warm water. Only 3-5 times rubbing is enough to make bubbles. Other products make so much bubbles after rubbing only 1-2 times. It is because they are produced by so many chemical ingredients. However, when I used this products, I needed to rub more than 3 times, which means it used more natural ingredients and less chemical things. Moreover, I could smell slightly Yuzu favor, not too much. It was pleasant for me, because some products make strong smells after using it. 


Surprisingly, I could not feel any dryness after using this product. The soap that I normally used before, I had strong dryness after washing my hands or face but this product has any dryness effect after using it. Therefore, I did not need to put creams on my faces or my hands directly after cleaning. Moreover, I could keep hydration on my face and this product removes all the dirties very quickly. 


This product is very soft and I recommend someone who would like to use for make sure cleaning after make-up, washing faces or hands or someone who has skin troubles, sensitive skins or who would like to protect their skin from natural ingredients products. This can be used for all ages. Since there are many flavor types, it would be fun to chose soap type flavor as you want. 


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SolVallee YUZU Lift All-in-one Gel

Yuzu lift all-in-one cream is same as master pack which has multiple functions as moisturizing, face lotion, milky lotion, serum, face mask and cream. Mostly its core function is hydration and anti aging care. Since, you can see from the photo, 97% of ingredients come from plants; Yuzu. Moisturizing cream is necessary for all seasons, and it is one of the must have item to have young skin.


As you can see from here, it is from Japan. It is addictive free product. It contains 100g. You can use for 3 years after open it. It does not contain paraben, mineral oil, oil based surfactant, tar coloring, synthetic perfumes, artificial colors, ethanol or ultraviolet absorbent. I know these days, people care more and more about ingredients when they chose product. So, it is better to verify if they used natural ingredients or not. Yuzus are cultivated in Kōchi prefecture and water is from Izumo onsen. I also mentioned above that this cream has anti aging effect. It is because it is  compounded with eggshell membrane extract, proteoglycan, argan oil and royal jelly. Royal jelly is very well known for anti-aging. The advantage of this cream is that this cream is for all age. Since, it contains multiple functions, you can share this cream with your parents or with siblings. Moreover, these days, people like more and more natural creams as me. I always use cream which used natural ingredients such as green tea extract. And this is my first time to see a cream which used Yuzu.


So, how to apply? firstly, clean your face before applying and take small amount with your fingertips. The good thing of this product is that you do not need to put a lot. This cream is 3D gel type so it hydrates your skin for a long time with small amount. And then, spread all your face. For me, I usually put this cream at night. So that it can penetrate to my skin and I can have fresh skin when I wake up. Moreover, this cream is 3D type gel, which means it is more consistent type than other products. So I suggest you to put it at night than morning!


This is the photo that I put on my hand. As I mentioned above, you can see from here that is is very consistent. However, it does not mean oily. It is very light type and easy to apply. Mostly, when you open the cream, you can smell directly Yuzu fruit. I have really dry skin during winter. And when I put it, I could hydrate my face for a long time. Some hydration products penetrate so quickly after applying, but this product last for a long time.


This is the photo after spreading the gel on my hand. The gel type is very smooth and soft. The surprising thing while applying is that it has different gel type (3D) than other creams. Personally, this cream is innovative and natural product.


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