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Natural otoha soap is addictive free soaps made from Japanese chain pharmacy. There are 8 types of smells; lavender, mint, yuzu, sake, sakura, honey etc. This soap on the photo is Yuzu type. It is fabricated only by natural ingredients. Moreover, company used innovative methods; cold process to preserve well natural ingredients. I was very excited to know what is the difference from this soap to other normal products. So, let’s see. 


Since, you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It contains 90g. It has similar size as other products, not too big, not too small. Its main ingredients are Palm oil, Coconut oil, Water, Sodium hydroxide.  It is a soap to wash your face (It does not remove make-up). Therefore, it will be better if you use it if you want to make sure to clean your face after removing make-up. It is very hard type and does not have strong smell in it. However, you can smell yuzu ingredient in it. 


As you can see from photo, you can easily grab it inside your hand. I am ensured that this soap is made by pharmacy group. Because, it means that they used safe ingredients and already tested that this product has no harm to skin. Moreover, they controlled strictly the ingredients and process to make it. This product is addictive free so it does not occur any skin problems. 


Firstly, I tested with warm water. Only 3-5 times rubbing is enough to make bubbles. Other products make so much bubbles after rubbing only 1-2 times. It is because they are produced by so many chemical ingredients. However, when I used this products, I needed to rub more than 3 times, which means it used more natural ingredients and less chemical things. Moreover, I could smell slightly Yuzu favor, not too much. It was pleasant for me, because some products make strong smells after using it. 


Surprisingly, I could not feel any dryness after using this product. The soap that I normally used before, I had strong dryness after washing my hands or face but this product has any dryness effect after using it. Therefore, I did not need to put creams on my faces or my hands directly after cleaning. Moreover, I could keep hydration on my face and this product removes all the dirties very quickly. 


This product is very soft and I recommend someone who would like to use for make sure cleaning after make-up, washing faces or hands or someone who has skin troubles, sensitive skins or who would like to protect their skin from natural ingredients products. This can be used for all ages. Since there are many flavor types, it would be fun to chose soap type flavor as you want. 


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