Blanc Elena is Halal Certified Cosmetic. Blanc means ‘white’ in French language. Since you can guess from the packaging, it is whitening cream. This product will make you skin more brighter and more lighter by producing natural white skin. I know that white skin is seen as beautiful and pretty in Asian countries. You might confuse between ‘whitening cream’ and ‘BB cream’. Whitening is waking up your potential skin particles to make more brighter and BB cream is just a cream to cover your face to make more brighter (does not wake-up any skin particles). If you are interested in whitening cream, please take a look. 


Since you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN product. It contains 50g. As I mentioned above, it is Halal cosmetic. In other words, ingredients are selected carefully and it contains no alcohol or no animal- derived ingredients and more. So, this product will be one of the choice for someone who uses only halal products. 


Moreover, 6 types of plants are used to make this cream. This is how it keeps skin healthy and moisturizing at the same time, not only whitening. So, how to use? Firstly, make sure that you wash your face and drying it. And then put appropriate amount to cover all your face. However, this cream can be used in all parts of body where you want to make it more white; such as hands, arms, necks and so on. 


This is the photo that I tried. Different from other products, this cream type is particular. It has very white color and when you spread it, it does not penetrate into skin as other products. So, I recommend to use it when you are staying at home or at night. It is more like whitening mask pack. Moreover, it will be better to use 3-4 times a week, so that your skin can have time to be more brighter. You do not need to put any cream before using it. It will be better to use just after cleaning your face. So that, you can see a real effect. 


This is the photo when I covered all over my hand. Since you can see from this photo, this is more like a mask cream. I put a lot of amount when I tried, but I recognized that small amount is enough to cover all over your hand or face. At the first time, you might think it does not penetrate very quickly into skin but it will penetrate slowly as time goes. It depends on your skin type; if you have dry skin, it will penetrate very quickly. And then, when you see that cream is nearly all absorbed, you can keep last or you can wash it. Lastly, I was very surprised that I could have a whitening effect very quickly after using it on my hand ! 


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