GOOD SKIN TOMORROW-Moischarge Spa, Moisture Concentrate Drop, Supreme Cream

Good skin tomorrow has 3 series cosmetics. Firstly, moischarge spa, moisture concentrate drop and supreme cream. These three products contain hot spring water from “Ushio Onsen” in Izumo, Japan. This water relaxes skin and helps to moisturized and helps anti-aging by nano capsules. I hope you know that it is better to apply products by lotion- serum- cream. So here, it is ordered by moischarge spa- moisture concentrate drop- supreme cream. 


Firstly, when it comes to Moischarge Spa, it contains 125mL. It is totally water type. It is the product to apply very first time just after washing your face. It helps to hydrate quickly from dryness and helps to keep moisturized after face cleaning. Only 3-4 drops is enough to cover all your face. Since it is 100% water type, this lotion will be enough to use for someone who suffer from oily face. 


You can see clearly from the packaging that it is MADE IN JAPAN. When I applied, I could smell some natural plant ingredients and absorb very well into skin. You can feel easily that this lotion is used by hot spring water. It smells very pleasant. 


This one is the second step. This one is moisture concentrate drop. Its texture is between water and cream. Not so liquid as water but not so heavy as cream. It contains 30mL. It will help to keep moisturized for a long time after using moischarge spa. Lotion helps to awake skin and serum helps to keep moisturizing. Lotion dries away very quickly so it is better to put serum. The texture is very soft and has milk color. 


This is the photo when I put serum (moisture concentration). This is more like soft milk type and not too oily. So, it can be used for all type skins. Since it is very light type, you can use it before doing make-up also. And of course, you can apply it every morning and night. Its smell is so relaxing and not irritating. 


Third one is Supreme cream. This is the last step cream. It contains 30g. You might think that this is not enough to cover all your face. But since you already applied lotion and serum before, only little amount will be enough to cover all your face. Its texture is more heavy than serum (Moisture concentrate) and it has same milk color as serum. This third step helps keep moisturizing. For example, it will be better to do until 3rd step at night, because this is the time when skin generates and this one can help your skin keep moisturized. 


This is the supreme cream when I applied. Even though it is cream, it is very light and absorb very well into skin. Moreover, smell is very relaxing and texture is very soft. It can be used for all type skin and all ages. Lastly, you do not need to use all, but you can adjust by your skin type. 


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