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Natural Otoha UV milk is made from apis, Japanese company. It is SPF 50 PA++++ sun cream. Different from other products, it is produced from natural ingredients. Apis is Japanese pharmaceutical company. I know people care more about natural and if it is made from pharmaceutical company or not before choosing cosmetics. Usually, ingredients are well chosen and processes are strict for cosmetics from pharmacy. 


Since you can see from here, it is Made in Japan. It contains 50g. This sun cream is addictive free and organic. It suits for all skin type from sensitive skin to oily. This one is milk type, so it keeps moisturizing and functions as sunblock at the same time. You can use this item not only for face but also all on body such as on hands and arms, legs. It will be great idea to use this one in the morning, when you do not have a lot of time. I recommend you to use it; firstly; wash your face, and then put some lotion, and put this cream. And then, do some make-up if you do. 


Before using it, it will be better to wash your face and handle it before using. However, it is better to use this one after putting some lotion. You can cover all your face with only small amount of cream. So, be careful not to press too strongly. If you pressed too much, you can cover it on your arms or on your hands. Suncream is recommended to use for all seasons. Even during winter time, it is better to put suncream when you go out. Too much exposure from the sun can make skin older quickly and make dryness very quickly. 


Since, I mentioned above, it is soft milk type and has no particular smell. Sometimes, when I put sunblock cream, I met some skin troubles; such as not penetrating well into skin or it makes skin too brighter. However, Natural Otoha UV milk absorb well and makes no skin color change. The most thing that I liked by using this product is that this cream helps to moisturized, so I do not need to worry about dehydration.


This is the photo after spreading suncream on my hand. It is hard to see from this photo, but I hope that you can see my skin looks more moisturized. Even though I put more on my hand, it absorbed very quickly and I can still feel that my skin is moisturized. I recommend to try this cream for someone who like natural cosmetics like me. Moreover, this cream can be used for all skin type and all ages. Personally, I like this cream is addictive free and used natural ingredients. 


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