HIPS Skin Care Travel Set

This skin care travel set is from HIPS, Japanese company. Since you can see from the photo, the packaging has Japanese style. In fact, there is another drawing packaging which is blue also. There is cleansing, face wash, lotion and cream, total 4 items. This package is very small, but I am sure that you can use this one for 5 days or more. You can bring this one when you go to swim or go to sauna as well, not only for travel. It is very useful since there are 4 items that we need everyday. 


Since you can see from here, this is MADE IN JAPAN. From the right side, it is written Cleansing, Face wash, Lotion and Cream in Japanese. This company uses ingredients high in anti-inflammatory properties to make products more safe, functional and practical. You might think this travel package is only for girls. But it is also for men. And for all ages


Firstly, this one is cleansing. It contains 6mL. It is to remove make-up. So, If you want to remove your make-up, this item is for you. Since you can see from the photo, this is transparent liquid style. I dropped only 1 time on my hand and I think dropping 2-3 times will be enough to spread all over your face and remove make up. It is better to use warm water when you remove make-up and finish by cold water. So that you can keep fresh skin after washing your face.


Secondly, this one is Face wash cream. It contains 5g. This one is just cleaning your face. It does not have remove make-up function. So it can be used simply if you just want to clean your face or make sure to clean more after using cleansing cream (The item above). This one is milk type and very soft. It does not make a lot of bubbles as other products but it cleans very well with only small amount. Personally, dropping only 2 times will be enough to clean your face. You know that it is not because you use a lot that it cleans well.


Thirdly, this one is Lotion which contains 8mL. It is 100% water type. Usually, lotion has similar texture as water. It is used after cleansing your face to keep moisturizing your face. Dropping only 3-5 times will be enough to cover all your face. It is better to press well when you apply. And do not forget to put lotion just after cleansing your face. 


Lastly, this one is cream. Since you can see from the photo, this one is soft milk type texture. It is not sticky at all and penetrate very well into skin. I was surprised by using this products that these four items are very soft and are not irritating. They are very soft enough that these items can be used for all skin type. 


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