Shu et Ra Organic-Lotion 150, Moisture Milk

Shu et Ra is Japanese cosmetic company. These two items are lotion 150 and moisture milk. Moreover, they are organic products; which means they used safe ingredients and no additives. These days, people aware more about organic cosmetics for their skin. These two items are concentrated on moisturizing. Moisturizing face after cleaning is very important to keep your skin fresh and to stay young. These two items can be used for all ages and all skin type since they are organic. 


At first, it is better to apply lotion 150 and then moisture milk. Since you can see from the packaging, they are MADE IN JAPAN. Lotion 150 contains 150mL and Moisture Milk contains 120mL. There are mineral particulars in the items and these particulars will help to regenerate your natural skin. And these particular will help to look your skin young and fresh. As I mentioned above, I told you that these items can be used for all skin type. Usually, organic cosmetics does not occur any skin problems, so even people who have some skin problems can use this one without problem. 


This one is Lotion 150. From my point of view, it is 100% water type. It does not have any particular smell and not sticky at all. After washing  your face, and applying this item can wake up your potential beauty. Moreover, it penetrates well into skin and I can keep moisturized my face even after washing my face. Applying only 3-5 drops will be enough to cover your face. This is one tip, it is better to put dry parts first and applying the rest of them. You can apply more than 5 drops also, if you think your skin is so dry. You can adjust the amount depend on your skin type. 


This is the photo when I applied lotion 150. Since you can see from here, it is 100% water type. 


This one is Moisture Milk. It has pump so you can adjust the amount by pressing it. This one can keep your moisturizing skin for a long time. Personally, I put lotion and then moisture milk. It makes not only my face moisturized but also very smooth. These two items are not irritating and very soft and smooth. I pressed only 3 times and it was enough to spread all my face. These items are very good to put just after washing your face and it is simple to put every morning before doing make-up and every night before sleeping. 


Moisture Milk is not liquid as lotion. However, you can see it is still liquid type. Texture is very soft and it does not have strong smell. 


This is the photo, when I applied both items. I could feel that these items are very good at moisturizing. I recommend someone who want to focus on hydration products or who think for gift for their parents (It is also good for parents age or grand parents). Moisturizing keeps you look young. 


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