DeAU Daily Peal

This DeAU Daily Peal contains 10mL. This product is made in medical professional institutions. This product is free of free of paraben, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, petroleum based surfactant, synthetic color and silicon. Moreover, this item is specialized in moisturizing. It does not resurface on skin, not irritating. This one is not irritating at all. 


When you see opposite of the packaging, it is all written in Japanese, so from here you can ensure that this product is from Japan. These ingredients are lemon, orange, grape fruits extracts. It only contains 10mL and if you apply every morning and night, you might finish it in 3 weeks. Moreover, it is better to keep this product in dark and cool area so that materials will not change. Indeed, you should avoid to keep it in dark or humid area. Therefore, it is good idea to keep it in refrigerator also. 


So, how to apply? Just after washing your hand, drop several times on your hand and put it on dry parts at first on your face. And then apply it on all your face. It is important to wash your face before applying so that cosmetic can work well. This is 100% water type and when you apply, you can smell fruits smells. This fruit smells are very smooth and soft. The good thing about this product is, the texture is very light (since it is water type), you can apply several times. Moreover, all ages and all skin types can use this products. Since they used natural ingredients, there will be no skin problems when you use this one.


This is the photo when I applied. As I mentioned above, it is 100% water type. It refreshes your skin and it absorbs very fast into the skin. It does not stay on your skin. I recommend for someone who have dry skin. They can use only this one if they have dry skin. They do not need to apply cream or serum after this one (If you have really oily skin). And someone who have normal skin (mixed skin) can use this one and it is better to put some serum. And for someone who have really dry skin, it is better to put this one and serum and cream. So that they will be protected. 


When you spread it, it will penetrate into your skin very quickly. Once you open this product, you should finish this one in 1 month. And the reason why this is small is that it is better that you change your product quickly. Which means, once you open the product, your cosmetic will be not as fresh as beginning as it meets air. So, it is better to buy small one and change the item for several time. 


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