Poreless Labo is all in one gel which contains skin toners, moisturizers, milky lotions. It is produced from Poreless Labo, Japan. This one is highly recommended to someone who want to reduce time in busy morning and night. Even though, it has 3 functions, this one is not oily neither heavy. Texture is very simple and not sticky and soft. Since you can see from the photo, it is pump type so you can adjust the amount as you want. Moreover, it has a capsule to protect pump from dusts. Moisturizer gel is the base after washing  your face. It is very important to apply just after washing your face. 


Since you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It contains 30mL. If you apply it every morning and night, for 2 pumping each time you use, you might finish it in 3 months. Sometimes, when I put cream or gel on my face, it makes me more oily face than before. However, this one does not. I could remain fresh when I use this one and it did not make my face oily. Moreover, as this one contains three functions, I did not have to find my lotion and serum. It absolutely reduce time in the morning. Here, it is better to put gel directly on your face than putting on your hand. Because, even though you washed your hands, it is possible gel is contaminated from your hands. 


This is the photo when I applied with 2 pumps. For me, this amount (2 pump) was enough to apply on all my face. This one is very clear and transparent. It does not have particular smell. The good thing for this one is that it absorb very fast and does not remain on skin. Moreover, when I applied some oily parts of face (nose and forehead), it did not make my face oily. More, this pink package is very cute and the size is medium. So you can bring it easily when you go to travel or go to sauna or swimming. I know that some products are very big to bring to go outside because it is very heavy. 


This is the photo when I spread all gel. It is very transparent because of the light. When you apply, it will make your skin very fresh and after some seconds, your skin will be moisturized! Since this one is very light, you can apply this one before doing make up or before go to sleep. This product is similar to water type so you might like it. Even for people who have oily face, normal, dry skin can use this one without problem. And there is no typical age to use this one so you can share this product with your parents or friends. Personally, I liked that this item is very light and keep moisturizing my skin. 


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