CRYSTAL Peeling Gel

Crystal Peeling gel is different from normal face cleanser. It is not a make-up remover cream neither. This item has small sparkles inside and this helps to wash deeply your dirties on your face. You might think these sparkles will hurt your face when you use this one. However, you do not worry about that. It is very small sparkle and when you wash your face it melts slowly time by time. Since you can see from here, this one has a pump. So you can adjust the amount by pumping 2 or 3 times. It is better to use peeling gel 2-3 times a week. 


This one does not contain any particular smell and occur no skin problems after using it. It contains 150g and of course it is MADE IN JAPAN. This one is  combination of micro collagen and micro hyaluronic acid it continuously fortifies your skin’s moisture. To use this one, firstly make sure to erase your make-up or clean your face with facial cleanser or a soap. Then pump 2 or 3 times on your hand and spread smoothly on your face. Here, it is better to use warm water (not too cold, not too hot), so that peelings can melt smoothly and warm water will open skin pores. After spreading all your face for about 1 minutes or 1 minutes and half, clean your face with warm water. Finally, finish to clean with cold water (cold water can make your face moisturized and keep fresh) 

This is the photo when I pumped for 3 times. You can see that this amount is enough to wash your face. I already used this gel and I really liked. Firstly, it does not contain any particular smell and it has no particular color. Which means, that they did not put any additional color to make it blue or pink. The surprising thing is that, you cannot see any peelings in the gel. This is because since I mentioned above, peelings are micro size to spread well. 


This one is not a simple facial cleanser. It removes dirties and make your face more clean. You can see immediately that your face becomes very smooth after using it. Moreover, you can see that your face becomes more moisturized and fresh. However, do not hesitate to apply any lotion or cream if you have dry skin. To give you a tip, using this gel in sauna will be very good. Since sauna is very humid and this humidity opens skin pores, you can profit maximum of this items’ advantage. 


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