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 Crystal peeling gel

You know that moment you feel bad for your skin after you put on too much make up?

This water-soluble gel envelops and cleanses the impurities that you couldn’t remove by simply washing and exfoliating.エルソワのピーリングジェルは潤い成分配合

The gel does not have a smell which I think is good because after cleaning my face I use moisturizer and night cream which are usually scented and I think it would be weird to mix a lot of perfumed products together

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I usually just use this 2-3 times a week because your face does not have accumulate dirt and dead skin every day. I personally think that using this type of product every single day might actually damage your skin… taking away the good bacteria that nourish your skin.

The gel does not irritate your skin nor does it make your skin dry, instead, your skin becomes softer and brighter which I believe is what most of us want. But then again this is just to clean your face, applying face moisturizer or toner after cleaning is essential.

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This product works well with all type of skin types dry to normal to oily, using it during winter is fine too since there is still pollution in the cold, this gel gives your thirsty skin back the moist it needs.


I start by washing my face with a regular face wash, dab your whole face with towel and take 3 pumps of crystal peeling gel onto your fingers, and massage through your face. As you are massaging, you’ll feel the dead skin cells being removed, massage through for about a minute and risen with water. Feel the difference on your skin. It takes less than a minute to do this which is more convenient than other face cleaning options.



“I tried Crystal’s exfoliating gel and felt the result, I want to share with you so everyone knows this good product. After cleansing and apply gently to the skin, you notice the dead skin and dirt layer coming off while massaging your face. Rinse your face with clean water and feel the softer and cleaner skin. I do not feel thinning skin nor irritations. Please use CRYSTAL Peeling Gel to immediately feel great!” 

 20’s | Vietnam

“Crystal peeling gel really cleaned my skin. This does not make my face dry. After risen, my skin feels soft and is lighter. I found this product is very suitable with my oily skin.”  20’s 20’s | Vietnam

“This product is very good to my skin, It has no odor.
There were no negative reactions to the skin like itch or allergies. i use it 3 times a week”
 30’s | Vietnam 

Getting the product 

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