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Do you re-hydrate your skin every day?

Re-hydrating is really important to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Everyday dirt, dust and oil accumulates on your skin, washing and cleaning your face can take away all the moisture but it is essential. Therefore, re-hydrating your skin after cleaning is really important. you would not want a dry skin, would you?

Ryusendo skin lotion’s main ingredient is water from the Ryūsendō cavern in Iwaizumi, Iwate Prefecture. Through a process of natural filtration this water is extremely mineral rich. Luxury high-quality natural water recognized not only from Japan but also from the world. It won several awards including the Monde Selection 2017 gold award. 



Winter, Spring and Autumn is the best time to use this product for all skin type because the air is really dry that it eats off the moist in your skin. This would also be the best lotion for people with dry skin because not only does it re-hydrates but it gives more than enough hydration to your skin.

It feels slightly thicker than water due to the beneficial mineral components in the substance. This lotion is Alcohol free, paraben free, no coloring which makes it safe for anyone to use, no one has ever complained about skin irritation nor allergies when using this product. It has a rose fragrance which is really pleasant and it boost your mood positively when applying it.   


Because it has water like molecules, your skin easily absorbs it in less than 3 minutes and you can apply your make up after all the moisture are absorbed into the skin. It is best to still use your moisturizer after applying this for best result. But when you are in a rush but need a quick moisture fix, this skin lotion is highly recommended.


“My skin is mixed with oily and dry skin, I have tried this product for three days now. The texture feels like water and is not sticky, smells good and I can really feel the moisturizing affect. Absorption rate is very fast to the skin, overall I think it is good, suitable for spring and autumn use”

30s | HongKong

“The product is easy to use, it smells like natural roses, it is not sticky. My skin feels smoother and there were no irritations, I think it is a very good product”

20’s | Vietnam

“I am really happy to receive this sample product. I put it on my face and gently pat the skin to make the lotion penetrate into the skin. I feel pretty refreshed. My sensitive skin feels very comfortable and will be recommending this products to my friends.”

20’s | Taiwan


Getting the product 

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