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DeAU Daily Peel

Everyone has skin problems… it is a bigger problem when it shows up to your face! People always say how you present yourself is very important, so are you going to cover that face problem behind a concealer all the time? DeAU has just the solution for you. 

DeAU Daily Peel” is made in cooperation with peeling brand medical professionals. A keratin softening component gently to treats the stratum corneum (the outer most layer of skin) to prevent issues from resurfacing. The low irritation design is made for daily use and we’ve insisted on keeping it free of the 7 most common artificial cosmetic ingredients.

DeAu is manufactured by Excellent Medical, the products they handle are doctor’s cosmetics and supplements, developed in cooperation with medical specialists and medical institutions. With higher ratios of active ingredients compared to other items on the market, it is important  that a customer chooses the precise product that suits the nature of their skin and their health condition.


Every type of skin needs this, DeAU helps your skin prevent the problems from resurfacing. It is perfect for you people who has dull skin, acne, large pores, aging and rough skin . The acid in the solution will permeate all corners of the stratum corneum to achieve full repair and smooth skin without bumps. moreover, it can directly reach the deepest part of your skin to repair and enhance it.

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After cleansing your face, dry it the proper amount and clean your palms. As a guide, it is best to use about a half of the dropper. Spread the cream on both palms and gently apply it so that it wraps around your entire face. Massage it repeatedly in the areas where you feel rough.  After applying DeAU, thoroughly moisturize with you personal lotion.


After washing my face, I like to pour it on a cotton pad, and then gently brush the entire face, use it very refreshing, and soon absorbed, for my skin is acceptable, there is a little lack of moisturizing feeling , I think that after using this will you should follow-up with moisturizer, quite happy this time to have the opportunity to experience DeAU.

20’s | Taiwan

This trial of a soft, moisturizing lotion is like a lotion and is colorless and odorless. Because I myself belong to the sensitive skin, especially the seasonal alternation will make the skin red and swollen, so I’m afraid of using exfoliates and the like, but this time I was surprised to use, because after rubbing it is not tingling, and Can also be used every day, feel the skin has become fine, great products, thank you for the trial.

30’s | Taiwan

little scared to receive the trial bottle has 10ml, DeAU texture presents a colorless and odorless transparent liquid, I directly use after the lotion by hand, by the way pat face, feeling that the spirit has come ;I like its light texture, no sense of burden, fresh and non-sticky but it can bring moisture to the skin, winter is easy to use, is now very much looking forward to using the feeling in the summer.

40’s | Taiwan

Getting the product

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