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The demand for travel has been increasing through out the year, from apps which helps you book hotels and flights by just a click of a hand to bloggers who promotes new places for people to visit, being able to travel has been easier by the help of technology. A lot of people want to take pictures, share on social media while enjoying the different culture and environment of the place. I personally want to take good pictures of myself and the scenery that the place has to offer, therefore, my skin must look good every time.

Backpacking is a really popular option for a lot of people since it is cheap and affordable. By backpacking you can cover more ground in the city you are travelling to, the only problem is that you will be carrying a lot of things around and if you’re not used to it, you might have back pain or fatigue really fast.

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Here are some tips on how to minimize your skin care routine on the go.

You should remember that this is only temporary so a bit of skin care change is harmless since you’ll be back to your routine after travelling. To minimize your skin care routine, you first need to sort out which products you think is the most important ones.

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We all girls know that cleaning our face everyday is essential and moisturizing after cleaning helps a lot for your face so that it wont look tired or dehydrated. What i would recommend is that you get skin care products that are multi functional, for example, a two in one face cleanser, while you clean, it moisturizes your skin for you so that you do not need to bring a moisturizer.

Vernal Travel Set ES

We recommend the Vernal Travel set ES it is affordable and easy to carry around. It contains Anku soap, sensitive zaifu soap, essential shower and you could also choose between natural or moist set. The natural set is recommended for oily skin or normal skin. And the Moist set is great for dry or mixed skin, these sets are basically an all in one skin care for a short trip, best thing is that, the soap is solid therefore if you’re travelling by plane, you can bring it without having to check in your backpack in the plane.

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In case you prefer a longer routine while on the go, this is the recommended steps to follow:

Day: Cleanser>toner>Sunblock>Make Up

Night: Cleanser>Toner>Moisturizer

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Remember to check out the weather forecast before going to the place because different climate requires different types of skin care. The Vernal Travel Set is just a basic travelling set, in winter i recommend bringing extra moisturizers and extra moist mask. The set is best used in tropical countries or during summer-autumn.

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This is a high quality skin care travel set which is more expensive but effective, simply go to amazon to purchase it, They focus a lot on skin hydration and protection and a portable face mist which will refresh and moisturize your skin anytime anywhere.

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