Aizu Homare Skin Lotion

Aizu Homare Skin Lotion have formulated with Japanese sake from the “Homare Sake Brewery”, an internationally recognized brewery. It is composed of 60% Japanese sake, which contains a large variety of nutrients that comes from natural fermentation process. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, peptides, and other essential minerals. In addition to sake, the lotion also contains 3 plant extracts that are known to improve the texture of the skin.

It comes in a 200 mL green bottle, similar to the color of a traditional Japanese rice wine “sake” glass bottle. The design of the bottle is simple yet elegant. It gives off a classic and high-quality Japanese product vibe.
The product has a gentle fragrance of lavender, when applied to the skin, is absorbed right away and douses the skin with hydration that lasts throughout the day and night. It is extremely refreshing and lightweight. This product is good for those who have normal to oily skin as it will not clog the pores. I use it twice a day right after I wash my face.

In order to use the Aizu Homare Skin Lotion, you must first wash your face with facial wash or soap to cleanse it from dirt and oil. Then dry your face with a clean towel. After cleaning your face, drop a small amount of the lotion into your hand. Lastly, gently apply it to your face and allow it to be absorbed by your skin.

As a beauty product enthusiast, I have tried many types of lotions, both that are sold in specialty stores and in the supermarket. Yet, I have never used any lotion like Aizu Homare Skin Lotion that actually sink in and let me live my life without a shiny and greasy face. I live in the Philippines, a tropical country where the sun always shines, and the heat seldom goes down to 20 degrees. Because of this, I always make sure that my skin is hydrated and healthy, but the lotions that can be found in the market always makes my face shiny and feels sticky. I almost settled for the normal lotions that I already hated, until Aizu Homare Skin lotion came into my life. This lotion is very different from any normal lotions and that is found in the market.

It feels so lightweight yet also hydrates the skin so that it feels supple and soft to the touch. The Aizu Homare Skin Lotion is a product that effectively moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy. It is the perfect face lotion for those individuals who do not want to use sticky lotions to moisturize their skin. If you’re in need of a light but long-lasting lotion, then this is definitely the product for you.

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