Body Anku


This deodorant facial soap is really simple and easy to use, just like any other bar soap. They create a lot of bubbles when you use it which is quite convenient because you can just rub your hands on the bar soap for a while and then let the soap down and use both of your hands to clean your face extra clean. I would say that the packaging is pretty simple and understandable.

This soap does not have a smell to it, which I think is great because everyone has a scent preference and this soap is scentless. Since this is a deodorant soap, they really take away your body odors, this is actually really great for after sports or just a rough day at work. Not only does it take away the smell, it contains Freigerg Fungo and royal jelly acid which cleanse the body of odor-causing swear, sebum and grime.

Personally, I really think that this product is good for people with oily skin because it really cleans your skin, taking all the oil away. I recommend that you apply lotion and moisturizers after cleaning your face with this soap. What I really think is good about this product too is that you can use it on your body especially armpits, neck and back because they generate the most body odor.


How it works

After removing your make up, start by rubbing this soap on your hands to create a lot of bubbles.

Put down the soap and just clean your face like you normally would, risen your face with water and apply your own lotion or moisturizer. You can repeat this steps for your body as well.

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