Atutumn Skin Care

Depending where you live, the transition between summer to autumn might cause the humidity and hydration levels to change. You must be ready and change your skin care routine to fit with the outdoor hydration. A humid climate softens your skin and makes it easier to maintain.

When Autumn is approaching, people tend to forget that the sun is still giving out UV rays which still enters your skin, do not forget you need your sunscreen even on autumn.

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Protect yourself from the dangers of the UV rays especially skin cancer. During Autumn, it feels colder and more turbulent weather, the wind is stronger and the temperature changes will vary. Here are some tips you can follow to treat your skin:

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  1. Change your cleanser, since you do not have to strip of the sweat you used to have a lot of during summer, you can get a gentler cleansing cleaner. Check out what Cosmeria suggest 
  2. Change your toner, the wind is usually cooler and takes away the moisture on your face, we suggest you get a more hydrating toner. Check out what Cosmeria Suggest
  3. Change your moisturizer, this is a very essential must have item on your face through out fall and winter. colder weather means you need to hydrate more. Try changing your moisturizer to cream type, it is more condensed hence stays on your skin longer while moisturizing it. Check out what Cosmeria Suggest
  4. Drink a lot of water! hydration from inside is definitely a must to maintain your skin inside out and your health
  5. Hydrating mask, use a face mask 2-3 times a week to replenish the moisture you lost.
  6. Massage your face with oils, oils are known to be really good for your skin. Massaging can take up a lot of time but for your skin’s goodness, make time to massage it with moisturizing oil 2-3 times a week.  Check out what Cosmeria Suggest


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