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Dreamed of a white flawless skin? sometimes i always wonder how i can get my skin to look like my favorite celebrity who is has flawless and white skin. Getting whitening injections is one of the solution but then, do you really want to risk future side effects just to look whiter? Through a dedicated whitening skin care routine, you can achieve the flawless white skin in just weeks!


Blanc Elena is a powerful whitening cream which basically whitens your skin and makes it brighter.

It is a halal certified cosmetic made with carefully selected materials and containing no alcohol or animal-derived ingredients whatsoever. The quality you get with a product Made In Japan starts with the water, plants, and other raw materials, continues through the manufacturing environment, and doesn’t end with the packaging and storage.

This product is effective in making your skin whiter as you put it on, and it gets absorbed in the skin really fast and will make your skin very white for about 1-2 hours. The minerals will get absorbed into the skin and in a long term effect, it will make your skin fairly whiter.

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How to Use

Night routine: Simply wash your face with your usual cleanser, wipe your face dry and apply toner/lotion first, wait for it to be absorbed into the skin, then apply Blanc Elena on your face/ body. Finish off with your usual serum/moisturizing cream.

Morning Routine : After washing your face and drying it, apply toner/lotion onto your skin and let it absorb. Next, apply Blanc Elena on you face and neck and spread it out evenly with your hands. For best result, apply UV protection to protect your skin from the sun that could darken your skin. After all these steps, feel free to apply your make up.



Creamy white cream, easy to spread evenly over the skin, giving a pleasant natural feel, brightens the skin and not greasy. However short duration of action (1-2 hours), skin color is easy to return to old color

20’s | Vietnam

2 week ago, I got 3 small packs of product. When I’ve used it, I’ve felt my skin as rubbing powder that causes my skin brighter immediately. However, the smell is not fragrant. After 1 week, 3 packets are run out of.However, My skin has not changed much. To see the effect of the cream, I think the sample should give more.

20’s | Vietnam

2 week ago, I got 3 small packs of product. when i rubbed, the cream is quickly absorb into my skin. However, after 2 hours, my skin return as nomal.

20’s | Vietnam

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