D.U.O Cleansing Balm

D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm

Cleaning your face everyday is the most important thing you have to do everyday especially if you wear make up. As you know the pollution levels are getting higher everyday and the air we breathe in gets dirtier as time pass by. In order for your skin to repair and replenish fully, cleaning is essential. DUO cleansing balm is the No.1 in popular review websites – highly useful 5-in-1 smooth cleansing balm.

Many benefits include

  1. 5-in-1 (cleansing, facial wash, exfoliation, massage, treatment) functionality makes it perfect for quick makeup.
  2.  Unique smooth and rich texture that stays mild on the hands.
  3. Nano-sized capsules called “pore clear capsules” provide deep cleansing for the pores to completely eliminate makeup and clear clogged pores.
  4. Combining 31 kinds of aging care ingredients (nano collagen, nano hyaluronic acid, nano ceramide, etc.), the product leaves the skin moisturized.
  5. There is no need for additional facial cleansing after removing makeup with the cleansing balm.


    The product maintains a delicate balance between cleansing to clear clogged pores and additive-free moisturization that leaves the skin moist to minimize strain on the skin. Although it was difficult to achieve this delicate balance, we managed to do so by using the latest technology.

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    It is great for any skin type, it is basically an essential everyday cleanser. Simply wash your hands and dry it to be semi wet, apply some onto your palms and rub it, after the product gives out bubbles, you can apply it onto your face and give yourself a simple face massage then risen it off with water.

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    This is the first time I used oil removers. I like it because of Japanese products because it has less chemical smell. When it is very light, the book is out of makeup, but because of the oil so remove the oil so I feel after using the oil still so I still have to use more cleansing milk.

    20’s | Vietnam

    After using this product, my skin becomes cleaner and softer and easy to absorb the moisture cream at the next step. Thanks for giving me a chance to try this product. I think i will buy it if it is sold in my country.

    30’s | Vietnam

    I have now used this product for over 2 weeks, this has now been the item I should used everyday for removing my make up. It is winter now in Hong Kong, and I feel this product is quite suitable to use during the dry weather. Besides, I can really feel the my skin has gone so soft after using it. I hope to buy another bottle after mine has finished , hope the company will make it available in Hong Kong 🙂

    20’s | Hong Kong

    I think this product is pretty suitable for my skin type as I often feel dry during the winter season. Plus, I really like how it says about how cleansing and moisturizing effect are bought just by using it alone.

    20’s | Hong Kong

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