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January 2019

BUDDHI Retreat Oil

The skin is exposed to various pollution, clogging her daily. Not only the daily shower, but also the dry heating air in winter and the sunshine in summer are a strain on the skin and deprive it of moisture. Dry skin does not only feel uncomfortable but might also cause health consequences, as the skin envelops the body like a protective cover.

Therefore moisturizing your body regularly, is essential to keep the skin healthy and provide it with valuable moisture. Depending on the skin type there are different care products available.

In general body lotions are a good way to treat your skin but more often body oil is the better alternative.

Get to know more about our beauty secret – BUDDHI Retreat Oil.





BUDDHI Retreat Oil

BUDDHI Retreat Oil is a facial and body treatment oil made to realize the ideal spread, penetration power and moisturizing effect.

Besides using BUDDHI Retreat Oil as a skincare product, it can also be used as massage oil.

Made of  highly-valuable ingredients the oil provides your skin with a rich care.  The pleasing light formulation of selected care oils such as prinsepia, sesame, rice bran and jojoba oil do all contribute to a radiant complexion. It quickly absorbs into the skin and delivers plentiful and durable moisture. You will get a bright and beautiful skin including a velvety feeling with only one application.




User types for BUDDHI Retreat Oil 

Body oils are particularly rich and provide the skin with fat. As a result, skin oils are especially suitable for dry and low-fat skin, which is rough and tend to the formation of skin cracks.

Even the BUDDHI Retreat Oil provides your skin with lots of high-quality ingredients which are especially useful for people having dry skin. However even people having oily skin can use the oil as it also moisturizes nail and hair and can be used as massage oil.



~ I mixed it with my body lotion and it works like magic, my body lotion became more moisturizing but not greasy at all. The smell is like traditional oil but not too annoying. I mixed it with my coffee scrub too, i love the results. You can use it individually as body oil and helps you to get rid some stretchmarks and cellulite. ~

~ Thank you, nice smell and make me calm, good for massage body and my head, my face seems like brighter and smooth. ~
the fragrance is worth it , i hope my review can make good choice for you All, 🙂 ~

~ The fragrance is amazing!! I love the smells of this product, especially the one called igusa. I mixed few drops with my daily care products and it did a great job on keeping my skin moisturized. It is easy to absorb and after a night, my skin became softer than before. ~