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Nowadays, we all know the importance of good skincare. We might have our skincare routine but even so, that doesn’t seem to work and we feel like in a never-ending battle against our skin issues. No matter how young or how old you may be, you can experience a skincare crisis like premature aging of our skin, hyperpigmentation, acne and pimples, clogged dirty pores, etc.

Even the most basic skin care routine can do wonders for your skin’s health and defenses and as time goes by, it makes sure you truly age beautifully but it’s hard to set a routine with too many different products and specialized in different skin issues.

Fortunately, eterrite fredias knows your struggles and understands that the key to beautiful skin is having the most natural ingredients in a basic skincare routine by releasing a line of 5 products.

Each one of the original “Made in Japan” skincare solutions are naturally made of “Moringa” an extract that promises to keep your skin healthy, shiny and firm.

The CHARLE skin care series includes:

  • eterrite CLEANSING OIL — Smooth and light cleansing oil.  It cleanly removes the darkened pores caused by dead skin cells.
  • eterrite WASHING FOAM — While keeping the skin’s moisture, it thoroughly removes dead skin cells, leading to skin that is bright and clear.
  • eterrite LOTION (I) — The moisture spreads straight to the skin*, and it feels smooth in use. It gently restores the stratum corneum layer that tends to become hard with age.
  • eterrite ESSENCE (I) —  It will give your skin resilience, and give it clarity and will fill your skin texture with moisture as if it is overflowing.
  • eterrite ESSENCE CREAM (I) —  It blends in as if it is covering your skin with a veil, and feels soft in use. Even though it is moist and does not feel sticky, it captures the moisture for a long time.

How to use CHARLE skincare series

User types for CHARLE skincare series

Since all eterrite fredias products manage healthy and natural products, it easily adapts for all skin types as it helps already people with oily, dry skin types as of course moisturizing features that keep your skin healthy. These series make your experience a pleasant sensation when used and its functionality also with regard to aging care.

Feel free to head over to Cosmeria website to learn more about their high-quality products.

Miracles happen everyday – Eterrite CHARLE SKIN CARE SERIES




“ Texture of the cleansing oil is very important to me as i don’t like the oily feeling. This product amazes me with its silky and lightweight texture and remove my makeup effortlessly and don’t affect my skin natural oil-water balance leaving my face soft and without stickiness feeling. ”

“ Tried on the cleansing oil. It is very easy to wipe off after a long day at work. It does not leave my skin oily and still feeling refresh (: “


“ I”m here to review after trying for few weeks, this cleansing foam gets foam easily and cleanses well, it is able to cleanse away light makeup as well, without drying up the skin, my skin is sensitive skin so far it doesn’t cause me any breakout, highly recommend.”

“ Foams super easily just by adding some water. My skin is combination oily, and it leaves my skin feeling clean yet not tight from being too dry. Effectively cleans deeply and removes excess sebum after a long day. Recommended! ”

eterrite LOTION (I)

“This toner is light and moisturizing. It leaves my skin smooth after using it with a cotton pad. It did not irritate my sensitive skin since it’s alcohol and fragrance free. ”

“ Good toner that absorbs quickly and easily, moisturizing my skin. After a few uses regularly, I noticed my skin being brighter. My skin is combination oily and it helps keep my skin hydrated. Recommended! “

eterrite ESSENCE (l)

“Love the Essence smell. It is so lightweight when I applied on my face. And it does not have the greasy feeling on my hands after application. Not only that it keep my face moisture whole day even without make up.”

“Lightweight, not at all greasy and it helps with mild acne as well as the overall radiance of skin tone.”

eterrite ESSENCE CREAM (l)

“I feel my skin is comfortable and softer after using. It contains avocado oil which help protect and maintain moisture level without causing breakouts. Love the non-greasy texture and easily absorbed in the skin.”

“The essence cream is lightweight yet nourishing for the skin! I enjoy how smooth and supple my skin feels after using it! It helps my face feel moisturized throughout the day, preventing my makeup from cracking! It is currently my favorite skincare product to use before applying makeup!”


Totally recommended!

So if I were you, I would seriously consider changing my basic skincare routine products…

Honestly, what better option than a complete original natural product for your skincare routine. If you have decided, you can start experiencing the miracles! Find these products easily by clicking the next link below:

Miracles happen everyday – eterrite Charle series

No more pores

CRE CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL


Blackheads are small, dark lesions that appear on the skin, often on the face and neck. They are a feature of mild acne, but they can appear without other signs of acne being present. Like other symptoms of acne, blackheads are most common during puberty, however, they can appear at any age.

  • Other factors include:
    • the blocking or covering pores by cosmetics and clothing
    • heavy sweating
    • shaving and other activities that open the hair follicles
    • high humidity and grease in the immediate environment
    • some health conditions, such as stress, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
    • medications that encourage rapid skin cell turnover
    • use of some steroid-based drugs, such as corticosteroids

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Have you ever dreamed of having small pores and no blackheads, applying your make up without having to hide your them away?

This paste-type gommage for the nose can completely clean off unsightly blackheads and dead skin with one to two treatments per week.


It is blended with La Mer Powder. On top of being highly adsorbent, it has the characteristic of having variable charge. It generates negative ions, removing sebum and dirt that clog pores, and also has the scrubbing effect of removing dead skin. Furthermore, by generating weak static electricity, it promotes and activates the metabolism of the skin. In addition, thanks to a rich mineral content, it is excellent in terms of moisturizing ability.


It tightens pores with a combination of highly moisturizing Tremella fuciformis polysaccharide powder, and an algae extract blend taken from three kinds of seaweed. As an effect of ginger rhizome extract, the nose gradually becomes warmer within the pack, making the pores easy to open, and completely adsorbing dirt.

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Through the synergistic effect of beads with a strong presence of mannan, and granulated La Mer Powder, it gently scrubs away dead skin when you rinse it off. It is made using deep sea water from Okinawa and Kumejima, which, along with La Mer Powder, supplements minerals within the pack. It refreshes and cleanses dirty pores, and furthermore softens and moistens the skin of your nose.


This product is a must have for people who have oily skin and people with oily skin in on their nose/ T section.  Or basically anyone who finds blackheads annoying. Even people with dry skin also experience blackheads, this product is safe to use but always remember to re hydrate and moisturize right after cleaning.



「CRE CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL」の画像検索結果


After washing your face and drying, apply generously to the nose (including around the sides).

CRE CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL

After letting it sit for about three minutes, gently massage the treated area with the pad of your finger (about 10 seconds). Rinse completely. Otherwise, wipe with a cotton pad moistened with lotion or water. Repeat this process for 3-4 times a week regularly.



“I always wear make-up to work and even though my foundation is mattifying and oil control base, my nose area still greases up like a storm. I had to retouch 3 to 4 times which is more than my skin can endure. Not only that, the pores in that area are huge which causes those pores to be clogged and produce blackheads.

On my first try of the pore gommage paste, the cleansing ability was just fantastic! It took out the dirt (every nook and cranny) and my nose feels so clean and fresh. Once again, thank you Cosmeria!”

20’s | Thailand 


“I got mine last week.My nose produces blackheads and clogged them. I have used many products to reduce blackhead but inefficient. trial this product 3 time a week I see blackhead nose dropped and the skinel brighter. I really like this sample – Cre Chez Pore.”

20’s | Vietnam

“The smooth product does not hurt my hands, I use it a lot. Clean, it’s smooth and the smell is really nice. Notice that your pores will also be small, at first I did not read the product information including what effects are or benefits. I just read through the packaging, so I am surprised both the product exfoliation and smooth the pores. This type of surprise when it comes to discovering more products that have the effect of more and more fascination.”

20’s | Vietnam

BUDDHI Retreat Oil

The skin is exposed to various pollution, clogging her daily. Not only the daily shower, but also the dry heating air in winter and the sunshine in summer are a strain on the skin and deprive it of moisture. Dry skin does not only feel uncomfortable but might also cause health consequences, as the skin envelops the body like a protective cover.

Therefore moisturizing your body regularly, is essential to keep the skin healthy and provide it with valuable moisture. Depending on the skin type there are different care products available.

In general body lotions are a good way to treat your skin but more often body oil is the better alternative.

Get to know more about our beauty secret – BUDDHI Retreat Oil.





BUDDHI Retreat Oil

BUDDHI Retreat Oil is a facial and body treatment oil made to realize the ideal spread, penetration power and moisturizing effect.

Besides using BUDDHI Retreat Oil as a skincare product, it can also be used as massage oil.

Made of  highly-valuable ingredients the oil provides your skin with a rich care.  The pleasing light formulation of selected care oils such as prinsepia, sesame, rice bran and jojoba oil do all contribute to a radiant complexion. It quickly absorbs into the skin and delivers plentiful and durable moisture. You will get a bright and beautiful skin including a velvety feeling with only one application.




User types for BUDDHI Retreat Oil 

Body oils are particularly rich and provide the skin with fat. As a result, skin oils are especially suitable for dry and low-fat skin, which is rough and tend to the formation of skin cracks.

Even the BUDDHI Retreat Oil provides your skin with lots of high-quality ingredients which are especially useful for people having dry skin. However even people having oily skin can use the oil as it also moisturizes nail and hair and can be used as massage oil.



~ I mixed it with my body lotion and it works like magic, my body lotion became more moisturizing but not greasy at all. The smell is like traditional oil but not too annoying. I mixed it with my coffee scrub too, i love the results. You can use it individually as body oil and helps you to get rid some stretchmarks and cellulite. ~

~ Thank you, nice smell and make me calm, good for massage body and my head, my face seems like brighter and smooth. ~
the fragrance is worth it , i hope my review can make good choice for you All, 🙂 ~

~ The fragrance is amazing!! I love the smells of this product, especially the one called igusa. I mixed few drops with my daily care products and it did a great job on keeping my skin moisturized. It is easy to absorb and after a night, my skin became softer than before. ~

Fix that hair

AloAlo Natural Hair Oil


“AloAlo Natural Hair Oil” is a product produced by hair & make-up artist Shiba Taro, made for professionals by professionals. It gives your hair a natural gloss and smoothness while also protecting it and lightening it up. This mist type oil truly achieves an authentically beautiful finish.

Plus, its special mix of ingredients give you an extra level of care which quickly extends the durability of your hair color! This hair oil keeps your hairstyle under control, and can be easily applied at home.

It is only 1 product but it fulfills 4 different functions. This hair oil follows 3 maintenance steps to help heal damaged hair, making it healthy again. Its 5 beauty ingredients make your hair supple and glossy.

Its 9 varieties of essential oils softly envelop your hair, giving it a gentle aroma. Since it is a mist spray type it is easy to use and can be employed on both wet and dry hair.

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If your hair is fizzy and hard to tame, this oil is the solution to your hair problems! not only does it help you put your hair in place, but it helps protect and hydrate while nourishing it with the rich oil extracts. Just be careful not to apply too much on your hair. 2-3 sprays is enough but it depends on your hair length. Too much oil will just make your hair greasy and it feels unpleasant.

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After washing your hair towel dry your hair until it’s damp. Then spray once on both left and right side of your head and run your fingers through your hair as if you are brushing it. After that you can dry your hair with a hair dryer but a recommended solution would be leaving it to dry on its own and let all the minerals and benefits in your hair gently.



“First thing I love about this spay is all ingredients made from natural oil which is good nutrients for hair.
Second is the gentle aroma it giving even though it doesn’t last long. As in the picture is my hair after washing without using conditioner and comb then I used alo alo spray and my finger as a comb. It gave my hair natural gloss and smoothness. Good use for both dry and wet hair. Also it leaves moisture to my hair, feel soft and nice after using. Highly recommended!!!”

20’s | Vietnam


“I tried applying on both wet and dry hair and it works well for both! After applying, my hair is softer and more shiny and is easier to comb! But be careful not to put too much otherwise it will become too oily.”

20’s | Singapore


“Here I am again! I’m amazed with this product! I admit I got a frizzy hair.. so every time it dries up , I’m worried if hows my look .. especially the hair… First time of applying it helps me calm, no worries at all on my hair. the smell is great too. I’ll definitely recommend this to those who never tried this that also having a bad hair day as always. THANK YOU AGAIN COSMERIA FOR THE PRODUCTS! I AM SATISFY WITH EVERY PRODUCTS I GOT.”

20’s | Taiwan


“My hair is originally soft but it is also usually frizzy if I don’t use conditioner. So, I did a test by not using conditioner for 2 days, and sprayed on AloAlo Oil Mist after drying my hair. As you can see from the picture, it looked a little bit oily on the upper side, as I accidentally sprayed it too close to my scalp. The spray mist dispenses the oil in very fine mist; so, if you hold the spray in the right distance, the distribution will be very even. After spraying it, I let it sit for a while and comb my hair after that. It gave same effect as when I use conditioner and hair treatment; silky and lustrous hair. My friends told me it looked my hair look healthier and more lively. And if you like organic essential oil scent, this mist is for you! It doesn’t smell like chemical, as it contains all sorts of essential oil like Argan, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile, etc”

30’s | malaysian


“AloAlo natural hair oil is the best for hair treatment and daily hairstyle. Also it helped me a lot because everyday I’m always having a very dry and frizzy hair. And it makes me having a bad hair day. It started to become dry when i put a lot of hair color last year so now Im having a problem on how to fix my hair. Before, every 3 months i changed my hair color and put bleaching medicine to maintain the color of my hair or permanently stayed long to my hair. Also I need to blower, iron and curl my hair everyday for my daily hairstyle and it makes my hair more dry and it’s dead already, so I went to salon to fix my hair but they refused me because of too much medicine to my hair. I regret and feeling disappointed of what happened to my hair. Also I tried many hair treatment, everyday i used conditioner and oil but those products doesn’t helped me at all. I was feeling down because i have many hair falls and split ends. So I’m so hopeless for my hair, i gave up going back to salon to fix it. After that someone offered me a hair oil treatment from a Japanese product but i still doubt what if it doesn’t work again. So I researched first about the product and i saw a lot of positive comments about it so I immediately tried it. I was so thankful and happy about the result of the product because it really works on my hair. Also it has a very good scent and natural nature ingredients. I used it after bath and sprayed it all over my hair. My hair become so soft, healthy and shiny again. I can easily comb or brush i don’t even need to force it. My hair become healthy and decreases my hair fall. I was so happy with the result. Aside from affordable price this is also worth it product because of very effective result. Don’t waste your money and time to go salon, only this product can help you. I trust this product and i know many women will love it.”

30’s | Philippine


Eterrite Fredias CHARLE skin care series – the essential of a good face care.

Facial care is the most important part for a flawless complexion. While in the morning, your skin gets prepared for make-up, the evening is all about cleaning your skin from make-up and dirt.

Developing a skin care routine is definitely a must if you are willing to care about your skin. Of course it might take some time to get there, but once you’ve found a course you feel comfortable with, you should keep it for a longer time.

Skin care routine is not only about keeping the same processes but also about using the same products – do not change products too much! Having a routine helps the skin to adjust to the products. If you are constantly changing over to new things, this might irritate or stress your skin. Preferably use products belonging to one brand. Products manufactured by one brand represent the perfect skin care series, as they are perfectly matching concerning their ingredients.

For this purpose eterrite fredias developed a skin care series including five products. The originally “Made in Japan” products promise quality skincare as well as gentleness on the skin and high functionality regarding aging care.

The CHARLE skin care series includes:

  • Essence Wash – especially used for cleaning your face in the morning the product creates a hydrating finish.
  • Milk Gel Cleansing – milk gel and wash are preferably used for cleaning the face in the evening. It softly removes makeup and keratin and leaves clean and refreshed skin.
  • Milk Wash – use milk wash in addition to milk gel cleansing for a refreshing cleanse.
  • Moist Essence Lotion – thick and hydrating serum which can be used in the morning as well as in the evening
  • Moist Milk – moisturizing serum making you feel a smooth and soft skin


How to use CHARLE skin care series


User types for CHARLE skin care series

CHARLE skin care series cleans your face from oil and dirt but also moisturizes your skin infusing healthy skin care ingredients. Thus products are used by people having oily as well as dry skin. This makes eterrite fredias skin care series a perfect fit for every skin type.



Feel free to head over to Cosmeria website to learn more about their high quality products. 

Starting of Fine Skin – CHARLE Series



Eterrite Fredias Moist Essence Lotion

~ First try on this product and it make me fall in love. The lotion not sticky at all and my very sensitive skin can breath after apply it. My skin feels so comfortable after applied it. The product is surprisingly good!! ~

~ It is  a combination of toner plus serum so no need to apply toner  first  then  serum  separately. It works well on my oily skin. Consistency and texture is good, not too thick, not watery. Compliments  well with  Moist  Lotion  following it. Over all thumbs up for this product. ~


Eterrite Fredias Moist Milk

~ It is a two step product, 1st to apply moist essence lotion and then this moist milk. My honest thought about this is Superb Profuct for my oily skin. It does not leave my skin greasy or shiny at all, no break outs. I noticed my skin remains fresh after applying it. ~

~ Another product surprise me again. Its not creamy and oily at all. My skin feels so smooth after applied it. Even my husband also start to use this product. ~


Eterrite Fredias Milk Wash

~ Tried the Milk Wash after bath, leaving my face feeling clean and soft. the product texture is easy to apply and also very easy to spread on face after mix with a bit of water. ~

~ After i used the milk wash, my skin feels soft and clean. It is so gentle on my skin, the bubbles so soft and tense too, i love it! ~


This brand has many fans!

CHARLE skin care series gets an throughout rate of five stars..if this is not a reason for buying!

And who knows, by using the right skin care you might not need any make-up after some time. Don’t hesitate and get your CHARLE skin care series today!

Starting of Fine Skin – CHARLE Series

D.U.O Cleansing Balm

D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm

Cleaning your face everyday is the most important thing you have to do everyday especially if you wear make up. As you know the pollution levels are getting higher everyday and the air we breathe in gets dirtier as time pass by. In order for your skin to repair and replenish fully, cleaning is essential. DUO cleansing balm is the No.1 in popular review websites – highly useful 5-in-1 smooth cleansing balm.

Many benefits include

  1. 5-in-1 (cleansing, facial wash, exfoliation, massage, treatment) functionality makes it perfect for quick makeup.
  2.  Unique smooth and rich texture that stays mild on the hands.
  3. Nano-sized capsules called “pore clear capsules” provide deep cleansing for the pores to completely eliminate makeup and clear clogged pores.
  4. Combining 31 kinds of aging care ingredients (nano collagen, nano hyaluronic acid, nano ceramide, etc.), the product leaves the skin moisturized.
  5. There is no need for additional facial cleansing after removing makeup with the cleansing balm.


    The product maintains a delicate balance between cleansing to clear clogged pores and additive-free moisturization that leaves the skin moist to minimize strain on the skin. Although it was difficult to achieve this delicate balance, we managed to do so by using the latest technology.

    Related image

    It is great for any skin type, it is basically an essential everyday cleanser. Simply wash your hands and dry it to be semi wet, apply some onto your palms and rub it, after the product gives out bubbles, you can apply it onto your face and give yourself a simple face massage then risen it off with water.

    Related image


    This is the first time I used oil removers. I like it because of Japanese products because it has less chemical smell. When it is very light, the book is out of makeup, but because of the oil so remove the oil so I feel after using the oil still so I still have to use more cleansing milk.

    20’s | Vietnam

    After using this product, my skin becomes cleaner and softer and easy to absorb the moisture cream at the next step. Thanks for giving me a chance to try this product. I think i will buy it if it is sold in my country.

    30’s | Vietnam

    I have now used this product for over 2 weeks, this has now been the item I should used everyday for removing my make up. It is winter now in Hong Kong, and I feel this product is quite suitable to use during the dry weather. Besides, I can really feel the my skin has gone so soft after using it. I hope to buy another bottle after mine has finished , hope the company will make it available in Hong Kong 🙂

    20’s | Hong Kong

    I think this product is pretty suitable for my skin type as I often feel dry during the winter season. Plus, I really like how it says about how cleansing and moisturizing effect are bought just by using it alone.

    20’s | Hong Kong

Blanc White



Dreamed of a white flawless skin? sometimes i always wonder how i can get my skin to look like my favorite celebrity who is has flawless and white skin. Getting whitening injections is one of the solution but then, do you really want to risk future side effects just to look whiter? Through a dedicated whitening skin care routine, you can achieve the flawless white skin in just weeks!


Blanc Elena is a powerful whitening cream which basically whitens your skin and makes it brighter.

It is a halal certified cosmetic made with carefully selected materials and containing no alcohol or animal-derived ingredients whatsoever. The quality you get with a product Made In Japan starts with the water, plants, and other raw materials, continues through the manufacturing environment, and doesn’t end with the packaging and storage.

This product is effective in making your skin whiter as you put it on, and it gets absorbed in the skin really fast and will make your skin very white for about 1-2 hours. The minerals will get absorbed into the skin and in a long term effect, it will make your skin fairly whiter.

 Related image

How to Use

Night routine: Simply wash your face with your usual cleanser, wipe your face dry and apply toner/lotion first, wait for it to be absorbed into the skin, then apply Blanc Elena on your face/ body. Finish off with your usual serum/moisturizing cream.

Morning Routine : After washing your face and drying it, apply toner/lotion onto your skin and let it absorb. Next, apply Blanc Elena on you face and neck and spread it out evenly with your hands. For best result, apply UV protection to protect your skin from the sun that could darken your skin. After all these steps, feel free to apply your make up.



Creamy white cream, easy to spread evenly over the skin, giving a pleasant natural feel, brightens the skin and not greasy. However short duration of action (1-2 hours), skin color is easy to return to old color

20’s | Vietnam

2 week ago, I got 3 small packs of product. When I’ve used it, I’ve felt my skin as rubbing powder that causes my skin brighter immediately. However, the smell is not fragrant. After 1 week, 3 packets are run out of.However, My skin has not changed much. To see the effect of the cream, I think the sample should give more.

20’s | Vietnam

2 week ago, I got 3 small packs of product. when i rubbed, the cream is quickly absorb into my skin. However, after 2 hours, my skin return as nomal.

20’s | Vietnam

KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract

The KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract

promotes the regeneration of cells, allowing the skin to be clear and radiant. It is rich in amino acid, which makes the skin supple and glossy, and at the same time moisturize it.

It is made from carefully-selected cream of the crop Sake yeast from one of Japan’s oldest and well-known sake breweries. For years, it has been believed that sake (Japanese rice wine) brewery workers have beautiful, radiant hands after having been exposed to sake yeast for so long. Most of the manufacturer of KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract, Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery, decided to develop various skin care products.

The product comes in a black box with white Japanese and English text. Inside the package, you will find the small 20 mL brown glass bottle container, which holds the sake yeast extract. The bottle itself has a white label on it with the same Japanese and English texts found on the black box it comes with. The black cover of the bottle also acts as a dropper for easy application on the skin.

To use this product, you must first make sure to wash your face with facial wash. After that, squeeze 2-3 drops unto your hand. Rub it on your hands and gently pad it unto your face. Then apply face lotion and other skin care products. To give you a tip, you can put more extract on part of the face that is more problematic to fasten the cell regeneration and clear out the area.

One of my favorite things about the product is that it’s almost completely odorless. It is composed of a very light, water-based substance that resembles that of a Japanese rice wine. The KOME LAB sake yeast extract goes well with the other products that I use. It is so light that sometimes, in the middle of the day, I forgot that I have applied some of it. It moisturizes my skin so well and does not leave my face dry or oily at all.

KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract




I am surprised by the size of this sample! I think I can use it for a month. After using it for a week, my skin feel softer and smoother. It is moisturizing too! I think it is suitable for all skin type.

20’s | Hong Kong

I love this product! It is moisturizing and unscented. I can feel that my skin become smoother than before!!

30’s | Hong Kong

The texture is light and moisturizing. I like this product but seems it is little that only has 20mL. My pore seems becoming smaller after using it!

20’s | Hong Kong

I am very appreciate it is a regular size product. The result is very obviously. My face become smoother after using a week

20’s | Hong Kong

Anti-Aging hacks

At the age of 28 and above or maybe younger, depending on your skin type and hormones, you might be noticing lines, wrinkles and dark spots appearing slowly. Because our skin becomes more sensitive and fragile, we must take more care of it often and with the best products.

Related image

Your skin is much different from when you were in your 20’s, to get the perfect result, you must not only change your skin care routine but also your lifestyle.

  1. Do not Smoke!
  2. Eat more antioxidants
  3. Fermented food
  4. Increase protein
  5. less sugar
  6. Silk pillow cases
  7. Healthy fats
  8. Exercise
  9. No stress

Some of you might think that these steps are too much to follow, but slowly changing your lifestyle will definitely be worthed in the future when your skin stays young.

Image result for lifestyle

Cosmetic Companies has been developing anti aging creams, serums and more. You can try our Anti-Aging Beauty Trial Set HERE 

Anti-aging beauty trial set

You can see if the product is suitable for your skin and if it is, you can directly purchase the products on our website.

Natural remedies has also been a trend for people to look younger, applying natural oils on your skin every day and night can help fight aging. Here are some oils you can try:

  1. Jojoba Oil
  2. Pomegranate Oil
  3. Frankincense Oil
  4. Lavender Oil
  5. Rosehip Oil

Image result for oil

If you are very concern of your aging phase, you might also be interested in taking pills like vitamins to fight this aging:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin E
  4. Glucosamine

Image result for taking pills


Atutumn Skin Care

Depending where you live, the transition between summer to autumn might cause the humidity and hydration levels to change. You must be ready and change your skin care routine to fit with the outdoor hydration. A humid climate softens your skin and makes it easier to maintain.

When Autumn is approaching, people tend to forget that the sun is still giving out UV rays which still enters your skin, do not forget you need your sunscreen even on autumn.

adult, beautiful, cute

Protect yourself from the dangers of the UV rays especially skin cancer. During Autumn, it feels colder and more turbulent weather, the wind is stronger and the temperature changes will vary. Here are some tips you can follow to treat your skin:

beautiful, blur, carefree

  1. Change your cleanser, since you do not have to strip of the sweat you used to have a lot of during summer, you can get a gentler cleansing cleaner. Check out what Cosmeria suggest 
  2. Change your toner, the wind is usually cooler and takes away the moisture on your face, we suggest you get a more hydrating toner. Check out what Cosmeria Suggest
  3. Change your moisturizer, this is a very essential must have item on your face through out fall and winter. colder weather means you need to hydrate more. Try changing your moisturizer to cream type, it is more condensed hence stays on your skin longer while moisturizing it. Check out what Cosmeria Suggest
  4. Drink a lot of water! hydration from inside is definitely a must to maintain your skin inside out and your health
  5. Hydrating mask, use a face mask 2-3 times a week to replenish the moisture you lost.
  6. Massage your face with oils, oils are known to be really good for your skin. Massaging can take up a lot of time but for your skin’s goodness, make time to massage it with moisturizing oil 2-3 times a week.  Check out what Cosmeria Suggest


Botanic Bio wash foam

Botanical Bio – All-in-one Wash Form

Botanical Bio is a foam wash which combines a makeup remover and facial cleanser.

I think this face product is perfect for those who are not good with following too elaborated night-time face routines and prefer to apply only one product at the end of the day. Which totally influenced my decision on using it.

Unlike other products, I actually like you can use this one to remove the make-up in your eyes, while other products warn you not to let that happen, it also lets you use it with any type of make-up, so be it waterproof or non-waterproof make-up.

I have a greasy type of skin, which is the reason why something that didn’t really work for me is the creamy-smooth finish on your skin; In consequence, it leaves me with a feeling of needing to wash my face more than once to remove some moisture. I believe this product works perfect for people with drier skin.


Application is fast and easy,

Lightly moistening hands and face.

Massage over make-up

Make sure it blends with your make-up to get a better result.

Wash it off with cold or lukewarm water.

Another perk of this product is that it has no strong fragrances, avoiding any skin irritations. Some of the ingredients contain some anti-aging and dead-cell removing properties, which is good if you want to keep a healthy skin.

I recommend this type of product to people who like natural-based products, while also appreciating an All-in-one product which can be perfect for time saving purposes.


THEO DOLL: All-in-one face lotion for dry skin

THEO DOLL: All-in-one Face Lotion for Dry Skin


I had set very high expectations for the product I am going to review today. As the label on the container subtly (not really) points out, Doll: All-in-one Face Lotion has been the most searched product among all Rakuten research categories, for three years in a row.

It`s as light as a toner and as hydrating as a moisturizer, in line with its “all-in-one” advertised properties. So far so good.

Despite being so popular, this lotion`s package goes very much unnoticed: no fancy designs or flashy slogans. It contains 150ml of product which will last around 2 months if, like me, you are only using a couple of drops per application, once a day (you really don`t need much more than that since it`s a highly concentrated lotion). All in all, the package serves its purpose and the transparent material does not leave any room for imagination. Instead, it bluntly shows off the content for what it is, a watery, refreshing lotion. Nothing to complain about that.

THEO DOLL: All-in-one face lotion for dry skin


It contains Vitamin C derivates and three hyaluronic acids to help the skin preserve its moisture, enhancing its plumpness and firmness. I`m sure most of you are not new to the notion of hyaluronic acid, but in Japan it is an extremely popular skin care ingredient used in any product, from masks to cosmetics. It retains moisture in the skin, repairing sun damage and preventing fine lines and wrinkles formation. If you haven`t already, grab your hyaluronic-acid-rich face product, as the body`s ability to naturally produce it is only decreasing as you age.

My personal take on its composition is that the product actually makes my skin firmer and plumper after a few days of application. I might need more time to verify its effectiveness on wrinkles and fine lines, but I can confidently state that my skin feels more hydrated and supple.

THEO DOLL: All-in-one face lotion for dry skin


Its gel-like texture makes it easy to apply on my skin. I am actually able to squeeze out the exact amount of product that I need, (usually 2 drops) each time I want to use it. It`s not completely liquid, but neither too sticky. This is not a feature you should take for granted.

I have tried so many products, which, despite being very high quality, are too watery, to the point where every time I try to apply them, the content spreads all over my palms before I can get my hands close to my face. If you are going through the same struggle, this product is the perfect solutions for you.Theo Doll has no particular smell, which in my opinion is always a positive feature for a skin product. I definitely don`t want any fragrance on my already too sensitive and dry skin. Consistent with the current trend on face products this is an unscented moisturizer/toner.

THEO DOLL: All-in-one face lotion for dry skin


Like most moisturizer, its application is pretty straightforward:

  1. Wash your phase thoroughly.
  2. Take a small amount of product in your hands and apply it, gently patting it into your skin.
  3. Apply more if necessary

According to COSMERIA website, one application per day is enough. I do agree IF you are already following a night skin care routine. If that is the case, I would suggest adding it to your morning skin care routine. I personally think it is a good base to apply serum, face oil/a thicker moisturizer and make up on. However, this may vary according to your skin type.

THEO DOLL: All-in-one face lotion for dry skin


What makes this product worth buying in my opinion, is its double action. It acts as a toner and a moisturizer for both dry and oily skin at the same time, which was the main reason why I chose it in the first place. This way, I ended up saving money, while obtaining the same result I would have expected after using two different products. Not to mention that its gel-like consistency is a major plus for those who, like me, don`t exactly enjoy nor have the time to wait indefinitely for a lotion to be completely absorbed.

Summing up: good value for money and a thumbs-up for its convenience and ease of use.

For those of you who are interested in giving it a try, here is the link to purchase THEO DOLL All-in-one Face Lotion on COSMERIA website.

Body Anku


This deodorant facial soap is really simple and easy to use, just like any other bar soap. They create a lot of bubbles when you use it which is quite convenient because you can just rub your hands on the bar soap for a while and then let the soap down and use both of your hands to clean your face extra clean. I would say that the packaging is pretty simple and understandable.

This soap does not have a smell to it, which I think is great because everyone has a scent preference and this soap is scentless. Since this is a deodorant soap, they really take away your body odors, this is actually really great for after sports or just a rough day at work. Not only does it take away the smell, it contains Freigerg Fungo and royal jelly acid which cleanse the body of odor-causing swear, sebum and grime.

Personally, I really think that this product is good for people with oily skin because it really cleans your skin, taking all the oil away. I recommend that you apply lotion and moisturizers after cleaning your face with this soap. What I really think is good about this product too is that you can use it on your body especially armpits, neck and back because they generate the most body odor.


How it works

After removing your make up, start by rubbing this soap on your hands to create a lot of bubbles.

Put down the soap and just clean your face like you normally would, risen your face with water and apply your own lotion or moisturizer. You can repeat this steps for your body as well.

Aizu Homare Skin Lotion

Aizu Homare Skin Lotion have formulated with Japanese sake from the “Homare Sake Brewery”, an internationally recognized brewery. It is composed of 60% Japanese sake, which contains a large variety of nutrients that comes from natural fermentation process. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, peptides, and other essential minerals. In addition to sake, the lotion also contains 3 plant extracts that are known to improve the texture of the skin.

It comes in a 200 mL green bottle, similar to the color of a traditional Japanese rice wine “sake” glass bottle. The design of the bottle is simple yet elegant. It gives off a classic and high-quality Japanese product vibe.
The product has a gentle fragrance of lavender, when applied to the skin, is absorbed right away and douses the skin with hydration that lasts throughout the day and night. It is extremely refreshing and lightweight. This product is good for those who have normal to oily skin as it will not clog the pores. I use it twice a day right after I wash my face.

In order to use the Aizu Homare Skin Lotion, you must first wash your face with facial wash or soap to cleanse it from dirt and oil. Then dry your face with a clean towel. After cleaning your face, drop a small amount of the lotion into your hand. Lastly, gently apply it to your face and allow it to be absorbed by your skin.

As a beauty product enthusiast, I have tried many types of lotions, both that are sold in specialty stores and in the supermarket. Yet, I have never used any lotion like Aizu Homare Skin Lotion that actually sink in and let me live my life without a shiny and greasy face. I live in the Philippines, a tropical country where the sun always shines, and the heat seldom goes down to 20 degrees. Because of this, I always make sure that my skin is hydrated and healthy, but the lotions that can be found in the market always makes my face shiny and feels sticky. I almost settled for the normal lotions that I already hated, until Aizu Homare Skin lotion came into my life. This lotion is very different from any normal lotions and that is found in the market.

It feels so lightweight yet also hydrates the skin so that it feels supple and soft to the touch. The Aizu Homare Skin Lotion is a product that effectively moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy. It is the perfect face lotion for those individuals who do not want to use sticky lotions to moisturize their skin. If you’re in need of a light but long-lasting lotion, then this is definitely the product for you.

Summer Skin

It has been several weeks into summer and it has been getting hotter ever since. The  danger of too much sun is normally sunburn. When you see a sunburned skin under a strong microscope you would see that the cells and blood vessels have been damaged. If the sun damage is continued, the skin will start to look dry, wrinkle and, discolored. Although the skin appears to be thicker, it actually has been weakened and, as a result, it will bruise more easily.

Related image

However, the sun’s most serious threat is that it is the major cause of skin cancer, which is now the most common of all cancers. Doctors believe that most skin cancers can be avoided by preventing sun damage.

Image result for why sunblock is important


Always wear sunscreen! it is the best way to be protected while you do your outdoor activities. Make it a habit to wear your sunscreen everyday even during winter because UV is basically anywhere the sun is.

Related imageAvoid sun in the middle of the day, from about 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The ultraviolet rays, which cause sunburn, are strongest during this time. 

Wearing UV protection clothing also helps, especially for long periods in the middle of the day. Long sleeves and slacks, as well as a wide-brimmed hat, help protect your body against the sun’s harmful effects. The only annoying thing is that you’ll have to cover your whole body while sweating. 

Image result for sun umbrella japanese

UV proof UMBRELLA! it is a 2 in 1 investment, not only does it protect you from the rain, but also the sun. 

Check out our recommended sunscreen:

Natural OTOHA UV Milk

Image result for natural OTOHA UV Milk

The OTOHA skincare series is additives-free and organic. Great for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. With surprisingly addictive texture and without white cast problem, this UV milk produced by a team of pharmacists, can keep your face moisturizing all day long while protecting your skin.

Read our blog about it HERE

Buy product Here



Lip Relief

Your lips are one of the first thing people see when they meet you, especially when someone is attracted to you. Having a hydrated plush lip can increase the chances of attracting someone, so if you currently have dry and wrinkled lips you better start hydrating!

Image result for licking lips

Lip Licking, it maybe addicting especially when your lips feel itchy or uncomfortable but it damages the protective barrier, which can dry out the lips, says Robert Brodell, M.D., a dermatologist in Warren, Ohio.

(Saliva contains digestive enzymes that can break down this barrier.)

Image result for water

Drink lots of water!

Drinking enough water at least 9 cups of fluids daily will keep the body, skin and lips hydrated.

Precious Lip

Apply Lip treatments

If water is not enough, you must boost up with a helping treatment such as lip balm, scrub or cream. A combination of white honey and plant extracts, preventing dry skin, and keeping the lips soft and richly moisturized. This product contains uncarementment extract, sugarcane extract, chamomile flower extract which relaxes your cells as well.

Get it Here


You can always DIY your own lip scrub with sugar and honey, massage your lips with it and then leave it for 10 minuets. repeat this steps 3-4 times a week and your lips will be replenished and sweet at the same time


To people who just cant stay away from your lip coloring, i advice to get a high quality lip tint or something guaranteed, some tints can damage your lips and some maybe toxic too. Getting a 2 in one lip tint and balm is efficient, hydrating it while coloring your lips.

Will Lip Color

VNESS Will Lip color offers 2 colors on one pallet, you can mix the two colors to achieve a variety of looks for every mood or occasion while hydrating your lips. Get it here

Travelling Light

The demand for travel has been increasing through out the year, from apps which helps you book hotels and flights by just a click of a hand to bloggers who promotes new places for people to visit, being able to travel has been easier by the help of technology. A lot of people want to take pictures, share on social media while enjoying the different culture and environment of the place. I personally want to take good pictures of myself and the scenery that the place has to offer, therefore, my skin must look good every time.

Backpacking is a really popular option for a lot of people since it is cheap and affordable. By backpacking you can cover more ground in the city you are travelling to, the only problem is that you will be carrying a lot of things around and if you’re not used to it, you might have back pain or fatigue really fast.

Image result for travelling asian

Here are some tips on how to minimize your skin care routine on the go.

You should remember that this is only temporary so a bit of skin care change is harmless since you’ll be back to your routine after travelling. To minimize your skin care routine, you first need to sort out which products you think is the most important ones.

Image result for travelling asian

We all girls know that cleaning our face everyday is essential and moisturizing after cleaning helps a lot for your face so that it wont look tired or dehydrated. What i would recommend is that you get skin care products that are multi functional, for example, a two in one face cleanser, while you clean, it moisturizes your skin for you so that you do not need to bring a moisturizer.

Vernal Travel Set ES

We recommend the Vernal Travel set ES it is affordable and easy to carry around. It contains Anku soap, sensitive zaifu soap, essential shower and you could also choose between natural or moist set. The natural set is recommended for oily skin or normal skin. And the Moist set is great for dry or mixed skin, these sets are basically an all in one skin care for a short trip, best thing is that, the soap is solid therefore if you’re travelling by plane, you can bring it without having to check in your backpack in the plane.

Get it now

In case you prefer a longer routine while on the go, this is the recommended steps to follow:

Day: Cleanser>toner>Sunblock>Make Up

Night: Cleanser>Toner>Moisturizer

Image result for clean face asian

Remember to check out the weather forecast before going to the place because different climate requires different types of skin care. The Vernal Travel Set is just a basic travelling set, in winter i recommend bringing extra moisturizers and extra moist mask. The set is best used in tropical countries or during summer-autumn.

Image result for travel set skin care

This is a high quality skin care travel set which is more expensive but effective, simply go to amazon to purchase it, They focus a lot on skin hydration and protection and a portable face mist which will refresh and moisturize your skin anytime anywhere.

Exfoliate your skin 150%

 Crystal peeling gel

You know that moment you feel bad for your skin after you put on too much make up?

This water-soluble gel envelops and cleanses the impurities that you couldn’t remove by simply washing and exfoliating.エルソワのピーリングジェルは潤い成分配合

The gel does not have a smell which I think is good because after cleaning my face I use moisturizer and night cream which are usually scented and I think it would be weird to mix a lot of perfumed products together

.「breathing asian girl」の画像検索結果

I usually just use this 2-3 times a week because your face does not have accumulate dirt and dead skin every day. I personally think that using this type of product every single day might actually damage your skin… taking away the good bacteria that nourish your skin.

The gel does not irritate your skin nor does it make your skin dry, instead, your skin becomes softer and brighter which I believe is what most of us want. But then again this is just to clean your face, applying face moisturizer or toner after cleaning is essential.

「thumbs up asian girl」の画像検索結果


This product works well with all type of skin types dry to normal to oily, using it during winter is fine too since there is still pollution in the cold, this gel gives your thirsty skin back the moist it needs.


I start by washing my face with a regular face wash, dab your whole face with towel and take 3 pumps of crystal peeling gel onto your fingers, and massage through your face. As you are massaging, you’ll feel the dead skin cells being removed, massage through for about a minute and risen with water. Feel the difference on your skin. It takes less than a minute to do this which is more convenient than other face cleaning options.



“I tried Crystal’s exfoliating gel and felt the result, I want to share with you so everyone knows this good product. After cleansing and apply gently to the skin, you notice the dead skin and dirt layer coming off while massaging your face. Rinse your face with clean water and feel the softer and cleaner skin. I do not feel thinning skin nor irritations. Please use CRYSTAL Peeling Gel to immediately feel great!” 

 20’s | Vietnam

“Crystal peeling gel really cleaned my skin. This does not make my face dry. After risen, my skin feels soft and is lighter. I found this product is very suitable with my oily skin.”  20’s 20’s | Vietnam

“This product is very good to my skin, It has no odor.
There were no negative reactions to the skin like itch or allergies. i use it 3 times a week”
 30’s | Vietnam 

Getting the product 

Get the Crystal Peeling Gel HERE

Say Goodbye to your skin problems

DeAU Daily Peel

Everyone has skin problems… it is a bigger problem when it shows up to your face! People always say how you present yourself is very important, so are you going to cover that face problem behind a concealer all the time? DeAU has just the solution for you. 

DeAU Daily Peel” is made in cooperation with peeling brand medical professionals. A keratin softening component gently to treats the stratum corneum (the outer most layer of skin) to prevent issues from resurfacing. The low irritation design is made for daily use and we’ve insisted on keeping it free of the 7 most common artificial cosmetic ingredients.

DeAu is manufactured by Excellent Medical, the products they handle are doctor’s cosmetics and supplements, developed in cooperation with medical specialists and medical institutions. With higher ratios of active ingredients compared to other items on the market, it is important  that a customer chooses the precise product that suits the nature of their skin and their health condition.


Every type of skin needs this, DeAU helps your skin prevent the problems from resurfacing. It is perfect for you people who has dull skin, acne, large pores, aging and rough skin . The acid in the solution will permeate all corners of the stratum corneum to achieve full repair and smooth skin without bumps. moreover, it can directly reach the deepest part of your skin to repair and enhance it.

「DeAU Daily Peel」の画像検索結果


After cleansing your face, dry it the proper amount and clean your palms. As a guide, it is best to use about a half of the dropper. Spread the cream on both palms and gently apply it so that it wraps around your entire face. Massage it repeatedly in the areas where you feel rough.  After applying DeAU, thoroughly moisturize with you personal lotion.


After washing my face, I like to pour it on a cotton pad, and then gently brush the entire face, use it very refreshing, and soon absorbed, for my skin is acceptable, there is a little lack of moisturizing feeling , I think that after using this will you should follow-up with moisturizer, quite happy this time to have the opportunity to experience DeAU.

20’s | Taiwan

This trial of a soft, moisturizing lotion is like a lotion and is colorless and odorless. Because I myself belong to the sensitive skin, especially the seasonal alternation will make the skin red and swollen, so I’m afraid of using exfoliates and the like, but this time I was surprised to use, because after rubbing it is not tingling, and Can also be used every day, feel the skin has become fine, great products, thank you for the trial.

30’s | Taiwan

little scared to receive the trial bottle has 10ml, DeAU texture presents a colorless and odorless transparent liquid, I directly use after the lotion by hand, by the way pat face, feeling that the spirit has come ;I like its light texture, no sense of burden, fresh and non-sticky but it can bring moisture to the skin, winter is easy to use, is now very much looking forward to using the feeling in the summer.

40’s | Taiwan

Getting the product

Get the Crystal Peeling Gel HERE

A-Z Skin Doctor

Plus Pure VC25

Did you know? Vitamin C help maintain a healthy, youthful complexion long into the future.

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The product made to solve that problem is the “Plus Pure VC25.” For this product, use of the original “A-PVC design” manufacturing method allowed us to succeed at sealing a massive concentration of vitamin C inside—the vitamin C content of 130 lemons is distributed within 10mL of serum.

Since ancient times, vitamin C has been known as a cure-all for the skin. However, vitamin C is a hard ingredient to handle for cosmetic products. It is the all in one medicine for your skin because it speeds up skin healing either it is a scar, sunburn or even pimple marks.


Vitamin C is well known for whitening and brightening your skin and women now a day love to use all the whitening creams or injections, well we have a more natural option for you. This product has been reviewed by a lot of Asian women who proved that within several days of using this product daily, their skin becomes brighter, and even softer.


I would recommend this product at anyone and everyone who values their skin. This oil really helps out your skin in all way possible. Who does not want a healthier and fresh skin? The amazing work of vitamin C in just a small bottle. This product can only last for a while because it can oxidize like any natural fruit.



All you need every day is around 2-3 drops of the oil and 10ml bottle can last for a good 2 month. It works best at night where your skin is supposed to naturally rejuvenate and applying this oil boost this rejuvenating process while repairing too. Your skin will feel softer, brighter, smoother and moisturized the next morning.



“It is comfortable to use, not too oily but moisturizing. Overall, the feeling is great, you can apply your own cream after to increase the degree of moisture, can also be applied alone or add a base makeup. If there is a sale in the future, I am willing to buy it!”

20’s | Taiwan

The product is well packed and it is so sweet that Cosmeria packed the product together with a little gift. The lid of VC25 can be replaced by a dropper, which is convenient and hygienic. The serum smells like a medicine but that’s okay and acceptable.
My skin is normal skin type and not sensitive at all. I don’t find any allergy problem with this product, but I do feel hot and a little bit pain when I first try on skin. Second times is fine. The texture of VC25 is light, but a little bit oily. It brighten my skin and very moisturizing.

20’s | HongKong

“The bottle is made of dark glass, which is great for protecting the active ingredients in Vitamin C serum. The 10ml bottle lasted me a good 2 months. My complexion was always brighter the morning after use, but I only started seeing effects of scar fading as I was finishing the sample, so you really have to be patient to see effects! All in all, I like this product!”

20’s| HongKong

The packaging is very delicate, there is more than one layer of bubble paper protection, to reduce collision during the delivery process. I immediately tried the product after receiving it. It was. The use of time is mostly evening. After using it, I feel that my acne on the cheek has disappeared. This is a very good product. There was also a small can of candy in the package. It was a surprise!

20’s| Taiwan

I received a sample about a month ago. After a few days, i feel my skin is whiter, and moist …. I really like vitamin VC 25. If you sell in Vietnam with reasonable price, i will get it.

30’s| Vietnam

I think this is a really good products and wanted to try because my skin is hard and i want to be whiter. Easy to penetrate to the skin, so I want to keep using this.

20’s| Vietnam

“I love how it doesn’t really have a smell to it. It can be a bit oily, texture wise. I’d suggest using only a few drops if it’s causing you to breakout. I apply it at night before going to bed and my skin feels so smooth, soft and moisturizing the next morning.”

20’s| Malaysia

Essence texture is oily, easy to absorb and very moisturized. It is suitable for 
use in autumn and dry winter.The only bad thing is that the ointment is expires in a month.
20's| HongKong

Sample received today, there’s bubble sheet within the package, which protect the product from damage during shipping. The product itself, with fair package, just look like every product we bought form normal store. Opening the bottle, It release a smell of lemon, kinda sour, but bland. The product smooths my face within 2 to 5 mins after I apply the it, it is a bit oily and therefore took quit a time to wait for it dry. One of the main problem of this product is that it make my face feels kinda rubbery after it dried out, although it moisten my skin very well, and the moisture effect is long-lasting enough. The bottle of candy is so sweet <3 what make it even more sweet is that this candy also full of Vitamin C, haha~

20’s | HongKong

This beauty lotion only needs 3 or 4 drops at a time, so its dropper design is very convenient to use. When it was opened, there was no strong smell of weird stuff, only a hint of orange peel. In the beginning, I first tried a little on my hand, and the texture was greasy. If I didn’t push it off, I didn’t seem to absorb it completely. After trying it on the face and massage, the product began to absorb slowly. After about 3 minutes, it began to not be sticky. After 10 minutes, it had almost no greasy feeling. It touched the skin and was refreshing, but the degree of moisture was really good. Completely eliminates the feeling of tightness after bathing. If you use it in winter, it’s really good. 


Getting the product 

Get the Crystal Peeling Gel HERE

3 step Ritual to perfect skin

KUMAMOTO series 

Your 3 step routine to a healthy, perfect skin

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This product was created with women’s skin in mind, using traditional horse oil as its base. The product uses 100% Kumamoto made, highly purified horse oil, which dwarfs conventional oils in comparison. Look and feel great, and uncover your unique charm that can’t be replicated by imitators’ products.

「kumamoto series cosmetics」の画像検索結果

The big three for anti-aging care: “Protect,” “Fight Wrinkles,” and “Moisturize“As the product uses all-natural ingredients, it’s perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. Prepare, moisturize, and protect — the three steps to beautiful skin.

Image result for feminism asian


This product is suitable for all skin type, basically it is just essential for every woman to hydrate, repair and nourish their skin. You can use thing product even though you are on medications for acne or dark spot treatment.Use the set according to the steps given to get full results and maximize moisture absorption into the skin. They basically promote each other! if you’re not sure if you want this product, you can go  HERE to get a free samples for Japanese beauty products in exchange for a review online.




「kumamoto series cosmetics」の画像検索結果


This supplies necessary oil to the skin and promotes penetration of the other skin care. Supplement oils compatible with skin and horse placenta extract at the same time.  The horse oil softens moisturizes skin. Placenta extract keeps the skin healthy, enhances the elasticity of the skin. It also plays a role of moisturizing moisturizing the area around your eyes and mouth

「kumamoto series cosmetics」の画像検索結果


Contains horse placenta extract, soy milk fermented liquid, Satzakura flower extract, oligopeptide, etc. Excellent skin moisturizing ingredients  mixed well to create this serum. It is compatible with the Lotion solution and enhances moisture. By moisturizing the skin at the same time as repairing, We will not only moisturize the outside, but the inside of the skin as well while improving the elasticity and texture of the appearance.

「kumamoto series cosmetics」の画像検索結果


It is a gel type cream with excellent covering power. The light texture of the gel cream is to improve skin breathing because Without it, polymeric ingredients stay on the surface of your skin, protecting your skin from drying and external stimuli. Oil content prevents transpiration of moisture from the skin, and the other essence protects the skin gently and prepares the texture.


My Skin Type is Sensitive Skin, T-Side Oily Face, Cheeks Dry. There is no allergic reaction, no special scent. it is slightly compact, but the degree of moisturizing is very good! The skin that was originally peeled first. i recommend to use all the first squeeze onto the cotton pad, and then wipe the entire face, the first time i tried it is directly on my hands as a result it dropped everywhere.

20’s | Taiwan

This product is indeed proven to be effective on my face. Its response is very fast, permeates and moisturizes dry skin. The face feels fresh but still light. The most important thing is that no irritation effects occur on the face of the skin. it is best indeed.

20’s | Malaysia

Because it is a lotion, it is taken with a cotton pad, and patting around quickly absorbed into the face, and there is no smell. i have sensitive skin, and it is fine for me. After using it, my skin immediately feels moisturized and nourished. It is refreshing and non-sticky. 

30’s| Taiwan

This lotion has no fragrance and transparent, which is watery, so it is refreshing and non-sticky, not a thick lotion, but it has a very moisturizing feel. 

40’s| Taiwan

Extremely Rich Skin

Ryusendo Skin Lotion

「Ryusendo skin」の画像検索結果

Do you re-hydrate your skin every day?

Re-hydrating is really important to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Everyday dirt, dust and oil accumulates on your skin, washing and cleaning your face can take away all the moisture but it is essential. Therefore, re-hydrating your skin after cleaning is really important. you would not want a dry skin, would you?

Ryusendo skin lotion’s main ingredient is water from the Ryūsendō cavern in Iwaizumi, Iwate Prefecture. Through a process of natural filtration this water is extremely mineral rich. Luxury high-quality natural water recognized not only from Japan but also from the world. It won several awards including the Monde Selection 2017 gold award. 



Winter, Spring and Autumn is the best time to use this product for all skin type because the air is really dry that it eats off the moist in your skin. This would also be the best lotion for people with dry skin because not only does it re-hydrates but it gives more than enough hydration to your skin.

It feels slightly thicker than water due to the beneficial mineral components in the substance. This lotion is Alcohol free, paraben free, no coloring which makes it safe for anyone to use, no one has ever complained about skin irritation nor allergies when using this product. It has a rose fragrance which is really pleasant and it boost your mood positively when applying it.   


Because it has water like molecules, your skin easily absorbs it in less than 3 minutes and you can apply your make up after all the moisture are absorbed into the skin. It is best to still use your moisturizer after applying this for best result. But when you are in a rush but need a quick moisture fix, this skin lotion is highly recommended.


“My skin is mixed with oily and dry skin, I have tried this product for three days now. The texture feels like water and is not sticky, smells good and I can really feel the moisturizing affect. Absorption rate is very fast to the skin, overall I think it is good, suitable for spring and autumn use”

30s | HongKong

“The product is easy to use, it smells like natural roses, it is not sticky. My skin feels smoother and there were no irritations, I think it is a very good product”

20’s | Vietnam

“I am really happy to receive this sample product. I put it on my face and gently pat the skin to make the lotion penetrate into the skin. I feel pretty refreshed. My sensitive skin feels very comfortable and will be recommending this products to my friends.”

20’s | Taiwan


Getting the product 

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CRYSTAL Peeling Gel

Crystal Peeling gel is different from normal face cleanser. It is not a make-up remover cream neither. This item has small sparkles inside and this helps to wash deeply your dirties on your face. You might think these sparkles will hurt your face when you use this one. However, you do not worry about that. It is very small sparkle and when you wash your face it melts slowly time by time. Since you can see from here, this one has a pump. So you can adjust the amount by pumping 2 or 3 times. It is better to use peeling gel 2-3 times a week. 


This one does not contain any particular smell and occur no skin problems after using it. It contains 150g and of course it is MADE IN JAPAN. This one is  combination of micro collagen and micro hyaluronic acid it continuously fortifies your skin’s moisture. To use this one, firstly make sure to erase your make-up or clean your face with facial cleanser or a soap. Then pump 2 or 3 times on your hand and spread smoothly on your face. Here, it is better to use warm water (not too cold, not too hot), so that peelings can melt smoothly and warm water will open skin pores. After spreading all your face for about 1 minutes or 1 minutes and half, clean your face with warm water. Finally, finish to clean with cold water (cold water can make your face moisturized and keep fresh) 

This is the photo when I pumped for 3 times. You can see that this amount is enough to wash your face. I already used this gel and I really liked. Firstly, it does not contain any particular smell and it has no particular color. Which means, that they did not put any additional color to make it blue or pink. The surprising thing is that, you cannot see any peelings in the gel. This is because since I mentioned above, peelings are micro size to spread well. 


This one is not a simple facial cleanser. It removes dirties and make your face more clean. You can see immediately that your face becomes very smooth after using it. Moreover, you can see that your face becomes more moisturized and fresh. However, do not hesitate to apply any lotion or cream if you have dry skin. To give you a tip, using this gel in sauna will be very good. Since sauna is very humid and this humidity opens skin pores, you can profit maximum of this items’ advantage. 


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AHA Excellent Soap Plus and Counseling Gel Moist Type

AHA Excellent Soap is made from pharmaceutical company from Japan. You might wonder why it is excellent and how it is different from other products. To reply on this question, firstly, this soap is made by cosmetic and pharmaceutical expertise. They cared about raw materials and have strict procedure to make it. Which means that they already tested if it can help to keep moisturized skin after using it and verified if there is any side effects. People are more and more concern about the manufacturing company as well for choosing a better product. 


Since you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It contains 100g. You can use it to wash your hands and face. They carefully selected ingredients; hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramide, collagen, and elastin! Also including cherry blossom extract and chamomile extract. These ingredients help to keep skin moisturized. It helps to clean dirties on your face and refresh your skin and prevent from wrinkles. This product can be used for all aged people no matter which type of skin they have. From my experience, I do not have any dryness when I wash my face. You know that when you clean your face with normal soap, it can occur strong dryness. Moreover, it does not have a strong smell. 

The size is same as your palm. If you use this one every morning and night, you might can finish this on in 5 months. When you use this products, you do not need to bubble it a lot. Only 2-3 times grabbing can be enough to make cover all your face. Moreover, this product is not for removing make-up, it is only for washing your face. It can also be used to wash your body. Since, it does not occur dryness after using it, feel free to use it! 

Cleaning is very important before applying any creams and gel. So that, creams or serum can penetrate well into your skin. Moreover, do not forget about cleaning your face when you come back from your work. These days, the pollution is quite high, so it can be dangerous if you do not clean your face. Dirties can occur wrinkles and make your skin look more older. If I say about steps before applying cream. Firstly, you definitely need to clean your face. And then put lotion and then serum and then finish by applying cream. If you have oily face, you need to go until step 3 if not you can put only serum. 

From my point of view, I really liked this soap because this product does not occur any dryness after using it and I recommend highly to someone who are looking for a soap for face. 


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Poreless Labo is all in one gel which contains skin toners, moisturizers, milky lotions. It is produced from Poreless Labo, Japan. This one is highly recommended to someone who want to reduce time in busy morning and night. Even though, it has 3 functions, this one is not oily neither heavy. Texture is very simple and not sticky and soft. Since you can see from the photo, it is pump type so you can adjust the amount as you want. Moreover, it has a capsule to protect pump from dusts. Moisturizer gel is the base after washing  your face. It is very important to apply just after washing your face. 


Since you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It contains 30mL. If you apply it every morning and night, for 2 pumping each time you use, you might finish it in 3 months. Sometimes, when I put cream or gel on my face, it makes me more oily face than before. However, this one does not. I could remain fresh when I use this one and it did not make my face oily. Moreover, as this one contains three functions, I did not have to find my lotion and serum. It absolutely reduce time in the morning. Here, it is better to put gel directly on your face than putting on your hand. Because, even though you washed your hands, it is possible gel is contaminated from your hands. 


This is the photo when I applied with 2 pumps. For me, this amount (2 pump) was enough to apply on all my face. This one is very clear and transparent. It does not have particular smell. The good thing for this one is that it absorb very fast and does not remain on skin. Moreover, when I applied some oily parts of face (nose and forehead), it did not make my face oily. More, this pink package is very cute and the size is medium. So you can bring it easily when you go to travel or go to sauna or swimming. I know that some products are very big to bring to go outside because it is very heavy. 


This is the photo when I spread all gel. It is very transparent because of the light. When you apply, it will make your skin very fresh and after some seconds, your skin will be moisturized! Since this one is very light, you can apply this one before doing make up or before go to sleep. This product is similar to water type so you might like it. Even for people who have oily face, normal, dry skin can use this one without problem. And there is no typical age to use this one so you can share this product with your parents or friends. Personally, I liked that this item is very light and keep moisturizing my skin. 


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DeAU Daily Peal

This DeAU Daily Peal contains 10mL. This product is made in medical professional institutions. This product is free of free of paraben, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, petroleum based surfactant, synthetic color and silicon. Moreover, this item is specialized in moisturizing. It does not resurface on skin, not irritating. This one is not irritating at all. 


When you see opposite of the packaging, it is all written in Japanese, so from here you can ensure that this product is from Japan. These ingredients are lemon, orange, grape fruits extracts. It only contains 10mL and if you apply every morning and night, you might finish it in 3 weeks. Moreover, it is better to keep this product in dark and cool area so that materials will not change. Indeed, you should avoid to keep it in dark or humid area. Therefore, it is good idea to keep it in refrigerator also. 


So, how to apply? Just after washing your hand, drop several times on your hand and put it on dry parts at first on your face. And then apply it on all your face. It is important to wash your face before applying so that cosmetic can work well. This is 100% water type and when you apply, you can smell fruits smells. This fruit smells are very smooth and soft. The good thing about this product is, the texture is very light (since it is water type), you can apply several times. Moreover, all ages and all skin types can use this products. Since they used natural ingredients, there will be no skin problems when you use this one.


This is the photo when I applied. As I mentioned above, it is 100% water type. It refreshes your skin and it absorbs very fast into the skin. It does not stay on your skin. I recommend for someone who have dry skin. They can use only this one if they have dry skin. They do not need to apply cream or serum after this one (If you have really oily skin). And someone who have normal skin (mixed skin) can use this one and it is better to put some serum. And for someone who have really dry skin, it is better to put this one and serum and cream. So that they will be protected. 


When you spread it, it will penetrate into your skin very quickly. Once you open this product, you should finish this one in 1 month. And the reason why this is small is that it is better that you change your product quickly. Which means, once you open the product, your cosmetic will be not as fresh as beginning as it meets air. So, it is better to buy small one and change the item for several time. 


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HIPS Skin Care Travel Set

This skin care travel set is from HIPS, Japanese company. Since you can see from the photo, the packaging has Japanese style. In fact, there is another drawing packaging which is blue also. There is cleansing, face wash, lotion and cream, total 4 items. This package is very small, but I am sure that you can use this one for 5 days or more. You can bring this one when you go to swim or go to sauna as well, not only for travel. It is very useful since there are 4 items that we need everyday. 


Since you can see from here, this is MADE IN JAPAN. From the right side, it is written Cleansing, Face wash, Lotion and Cream in Japanese. This company uses ingredients high in anti-inflammatory properties to make products more safe, functional and practical. You might think this travel package is only for girls. But it is also for men. And for all ages


Firstly, this one is cleansing. It contains 6mL. It is to remove make-up. So, If you want to remove your make-up, this item is for you. Since you can see from the photo, this is transparent liquid style. I dropped only 1 time on my hand and I think dropping 2-3 times will be enough to spread all over your face and remove make up. It is better to use warm water when you remove make-up and finish by cold water. So that you can keep fresh skin after washing your face.


Secondly, this one is Face wash cream. It contains 5g. This one is just cleaning your face. It does not have remove make-up function. So it can be used simply if you just want to clean your face or make sure to clean more after using cleansing cream (The item above). This one is milk type and very soft. It does not make a lot of bubbles as other products but it cleans very well with only small amount. Personally, dropping only 2 times will be enough to clean your face. You know that it is not because you use a lot that it cleans well.


Thirdly, this one is Lotion which contains 8mL. It is 100% water type. Usually, lotion has similar texture as water. It is used after cleansing your face to keep moisturizing your face. Dropping only 3-5 times will be enough to cover all your face. It is better to press well when you apply. And do not forget to put lotion just after cleansing your face. 


Lastly, this one is cream. Since you can see from the photo, this one is soft milk type texture. It is not sticky at all and penetrate very well into skin. I was surprised by using this products that these four items are very soft and are not irritating. They are very soft enough that these items can be used for all skin type. 


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Shu et Ra Organic-Lotion 150, Moisture Milk

Shu et Ra is Japanese cosmetic company. These two items are lotion 150 and moisture milk. Moreover, they are organic products; which means they used safe ingredients and no additives. These days, people aware more about organic cosmetics for their skin. These two items are concentrated on moisturizing. Moisturizing face after cleaning is very important to keep your skin fresh and to stay young. These two items can be used for all ages and all skin type since they are organic. 


At first, it is better to apply lotion 150 and then moisture milk. Since you can see from the packaging, they are MADE IN JAPAN. Lotion 150 contains 150mL and Moisture Milk contains 120mL. There are mineral particulars in the items and these particulars will help to regenerate your natural skin. And these particular will help to look your skin young and fresh. As I mentioned above, I told you that these items can be used for all skin type. Usually, organic cosmetics does not occur any skin problems, so even people who have some skin problems can use this one without problem. 


This one is Lotion 150. From my point of view, it is 100% water type. It does not have any particular smell and not sticky at all. After washing  your face, and applying this item can wake up your potential beauty. Moreover, it penetrates well into skin and I can keep moisturized my face even after washing my face. Applying only 3-5 drops will be enough to cover your face. This is one tip, it is better to put dry parts first and applying the rest of them. You can apply more than 5 drops also, if you think your skin is so dry. You can adjust the amount depend on your skin type. 


This is the photo when I applied lotion 150. Since you can see from here, it is 100% water type. 


This one is Moisture Milk. It has pump so you can adjust the amount by pressing it. This one can keep your moisturizing skin for a long time. Personally, I put lotion and then moisture milk. It makes not only my face moisturized but also very smooth. These two items are not irritating and very soft and smooth. I pressed only 3 times and it was enough to spread all my face. These items are very good to put just after washing your face and it is simple to put every morning before doing make-up and every night before sleeping. 


Moisture Milk is not liquid as lotion. However, you can see it is still liquid type. Texture is very soft and it does not have strong smell. 


This is the photo, when I applied both items. I could feel that these items are very good at moisturizing. I recommend someone who want to focus on hydration products or who think for gift for their parents (It is also good for parents age or grand parents). Moisturizing keeps you look young. 


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GOOD SKIN TOMORROW-Moischarge Spa, Moisture Concentrate Drop, Supreme Cream

Good skin tomorrow has 3 series cosmetics. Firstly, moischarge spa, moisture concentrate drop and supreme cream. These three products contain hot spring water from “Ushio Onsen” in Izumo, Japan. This water relaxes skin and helps to moisturized and helps anti-aging by nano capsules. I hope you know that it is better to apply products by lotion- serum- cream. So here, it is ordered by moischarge spa- moisture concentrate drop- supreme cream. 


Firstly, when it comes to Moischarge Spa, it contains 125mL. It is totally water type. It is the product to apply very first time just after washing your face. It helps to hydrate quickly from dryness and helps to keep moisturized after face cleaning. Only 3-4 drops is enough to cover all your face. Since it is 100% water type, this lotion will be enough to use for someone who suffer from oily face. 


You can see clearly from the packaging that it is MADE IN JAPAN. When I applied, I could smell some natural plant ingredients and absorb very well into skin. You can feel easily that this lotion is used by hot spring water. It smells very pleasant. 


This one is the second step. This one is moisture concentrate drop. Its texture is between water and cream. Not so liquid as water but not so heavy as cream. It contains 30mL. It will help to keep moisturized for a long time after using moischarge spa. Lotion helps to awake skin and serum helps to keep moisturizing. Lotion dries away very quickly so it is better to put serum. The texture is very soft and has milk color. 


This is the photo when I put serum (moisture concentration). This is more like soft milk type and not too oily. So, it can be used for all type skins. Since it is very light type, you can use it before doing make-up also. And of course, you can apply it every morning and night. Its smell is so relaxing and not irritating. 


Third one is Supreme cream. This is the last step cream. It contains 30g. You might think that this is not enough to cover all your face. But since you already applied lotion and serum before, only little amount will be enough to cover all your face. Its texture is more heavy than serum (Moisture concentrate) and it has same milk color as serum. This third step helps keep moisturizing. For example, it will be better to do until 3rd step at night, because this is the time when skin generates and this one can help your skin keep moisturized. 


This is the supreme cream when I applied. Even though it is cream, it is very light and absorb very well into skin. Moreover, smell is very relaxing and texture is very soft. It can be used for all type skin and all ages. Lastly, you do not need to use all, but you can adjust by your skin type. 


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Blanc Elena is Halal Certified Cosmetic. Blanc means ‘white’ in French language. Since you can guess from the packaging, it is whitening cream. This product will make you skin more brighter and more lighter by producing natural white skin. I know that white skin is seen as beautiful and pretty in Asian countries. You might confuse between ‘whitening cream’ and ‘BB cream’. Whitening is waking up your potential skin particles to make more brighter and BB cream is just a cream to cover your face to make more brighter (does not wake-up any skin particles). If you are interested in whitening cream, please take a look. 


Since you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN product. It contains 50g. As I mentioned above, it is Halal cosmetic. In other words, ingredients are selected carefully and it contains no alcohol or no animal- derived ingredients and more. So, this product will be one of the choice for someone who uses only halal products. 


Moreover, 6 types of plants are used to make this cream. This is how it keeps skin healthy and moisturizing at the same time, not only whitening. So, how to use? Firstly, make sure that you wash your face and drying it. And then put appropriate amount to cover all your face. However, this cream can be used in all parts of body where you want to make it more white; such as hands, arms, necks and so on. 


This is the photo that I tried. Different from other products, this cream type is particular. It has very white color and when you spread it, it does not penetrate into skin as other products. So, I recommend to use it when you are staying at home or at night. It is more like whitening mask pack. Moreover, it will be better to use 3-4 times a week, so that your skin can have time to be more brighter. You do not need to put any cream before using it. It will be better to use just after cleaning your face. So that, you can see a real effect. 


This is the photo when I covered all over my hand. Since you can see from this photo, this is more like a mask cream. I put a lot of amount when I tried, but I recognized that small amount is enough to cover all over your hand or face. At the first time, you might think it does not penetrate very quickly into skin but it will penetrate slowly as time goes. It depends on your skin type; if you have dry skin, it will penetrate very quickly. And then, when you see that cream is nearly all absorbed, you can keep last or you can wash it. Lastly, I was very surprised that I could have a whitening effect very quickly after using it on my hand ! 


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