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narural OTOHA UV Milk – apis

Natural Otoha UV milk is made from apis, Japanese company. It is SPF 50 PA++++ sun cream. Different from other products, it is produced from natural ingredients. Apis is Japanese pharmaceutical company. I know people care more about natural and if it is made from pharmaceutical company or not before choosing cosmetics. Usually, ingredients are well chosen and processes are strict for cosmetics from pharmacy. 


Since you can see from here, it is Made in Japan. It contains 50g. This sun cream is addictive free and organic. It suits for all skin type from sensitive skin to oily. This one is milk type, so it keeps moisturizing and functions as sunblock at the same time. You can use this item not only for face but also all on body such as on hands and arms, legs. It will be great idea to use this one in the morning, when you do not have a lot of time. I recommend you to use it; firstly; wash your face, and then put some lotion, and put this cream. And then, do some make-up if you do. 


Before using it, it will be better to wash your face and handle it before using. However, it is better to use this one after putting some lotion. You can cover all your face with only small amount of cream. So, be careful not to press too strongly. If you pressed too much, you can cover it on your arms or on your hands. Suncream is recommended to use for all seasons. Even during winter time, it is better to put suncream when you go out. Too much exposure from the sun can make skin older quickly and make dryness very quickly. 


Since, I mentioned above, it is soft milk type and has no particular smell. Sometimes, when I put sunblock cream, I met some skin troubles; such as not penetrating well into skin or it makes skin too brighter. However, Natural Otoha UV milk absorb well and makes no skin color change. The most thing that I liked by using this product is that this cream helps to moisturized, so I do not need to worry about dehydration.


This is the photo after spreading suncream on my hand. It is hard to see from this photo, but I hope that you can see my skin looks more moisturized. Even though I put more on my hand, it absorbed very quickly and I can still feel that my skin is moisturized. I recommend to try this cream for someone who like natural cosmetics like me. Moreover, this cream can be used for all skin type and all ages. Personally, I like this cream is addictive free and used natural ingredients. 


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Hello Everyone, The item that I would like to talk about is Vitamine C serum, which calls Hanjolie. It is high concentration of vitamine C, maybe you have never seen in Japanese company. Moreover doo not contain special smellings. It would be good to use in summer as skins are easily get dry from hot weather and sunny days. So that is the reason why I am trying to talk about this item. In addition, serum can be used in every seasons and Vitamine C is well known which is good for skins. 


As you can see here, MADE IN JAPAN sentence is written big on the package, contains 20mL. It is not only vitamine C serum but also moisturizing and occur no irritation. The difference between other products is that this item is not sticky and do not have strong smell. It is because they used honey and flower extract for their composition. If you put every morning and night, you might finish it in 2 months. It is much more better to use quickly and change it to another new one. Since you know, every products has its expiration date so it is change regularly. 


Before putting this cream, please make sure that your face is washed. It is very important to make clean your face before applying any products. This products advice to put it every morning and night. If you apply it regularly, I am sure that you will get the result you want in 2 months. This one is straw type so you can adjust the amount very easily and directly apply it on your face. No need to use some cottons or putting on your hands. This model type can avoid some contamination while using cottons and putting on your hands. It is very important not to touch your face too much if you want to have a whitening effect and avoid from face alergy. 


When you apply this one, you will see this one absorb very fast into your skin. So there is no remaining on your hands. Moreover, it is very smooth and light. Especially, there is no chemical smell which is good for using for all ages. 


Look, since it absorbs really fast. If you have dry skin, please put once a day and if you have oily and normal skin, please put 2 times a day. 


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Brilliant eyes

Brilliant eyes is produced by Zettoc style. Its fonction is to make eyelash much longer and moisturizing. Many Asians` complex is short eyelash lenght. So this one could be a key to make your eyelash more longer. There are not a lot of products for eyelash. However, there are more products for eye make-ups. And this product ranked the first in raking ranqueen Japan competition. So, let`s have a look! 


Before going to composition informations, it is quite interesting to note that this product did not use chemical ingredients so there is no particular smell. It contains 16g and of course, it is MADE IN JAPAN product. So, every night, apply a little bit to cover all your eyelash. This one is tube type so you can control the amount of cream as you want. However, it is important to note that it is not because that you apply a lot that your eyelash will be longer! Here, the most important thing is that applying a regular basis is the key to make longer your eyelash. Therefore, be patient and trust me! 


Please, wash your face before applying this item. Make sure your face is cleaned enough because if not, it could not fonction well and you will not have the result as you want. And then, put a little amount on your finger and smoothly put on your eyelash. Personally, putting it on daytime will be better than putting on day time. It can absorb more during night time and it is well known that creams and serums are absorbing well into skin while sleeping. Believe it or not, let`s believe it in this time.


As it is my first time to apply this item, it is difficult to discuss about BEFORE and AFTER about this item. However, I am sure you will se the differences after 3 months. If you apply every night, you can finish this item in 2 month and half or in 3 months. This amount might be not enough for someone, however it is better to change items regularly every three months. Because items have their own expiration date, so much better to use small one and change it to new one. It is better for your skin and good for items! 


I was just worried to put too much, so I put only that amount, however it covered all my eyelashes. However, I think my eyelashes were quite dried so this cream absorbed too fast so I reput it. As clearly seen from my experience, the amount of use is rely on your eyelash type; if they are dry, you might put it more if not just adjust the amount. 

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Mineral Foundation Starter Kit

You can find basic skin care items in mineral foundation starter kit box! It is from Etvos skincare company from Japan. There are five skin care items; Moisturizing serum, Moisturizing lotion, argan oil, Matte smooth mineral foundation that you can wear in day and night mineral foundation that you can wear at night! It is not all! There are a brush, a soap and additional powder gift!! 


This is the box that you will get ! From the packaging, you can see already this item is natural by its color and design. 


You will see some magazines at first open! 




There are three brochures which will explain how to use the items, their other products and some beauty tips! 


Items are ranged like this. so let`s have a look! 


This one calls moisturizing serum contains 10mL. It is a milk and liquid type. Silk , isostearic acid , glycosyl trehalose are its ingredients. You do not have to put so much, only a small amount will be enough to cover all your face! So, putting this one is the first step. 


And then, put moisturizing lotion! It contains 20mL and milk type as well. This will help not to flow away moisturizing serum that you put before! 


This one is argan oil, contains 3mL. It is very soft and not too sticky. So, this one will be third step of skin care. 


As you can see here, it is all MADE IN JAPAN. 


Step to using this one is serum- lotion- oil. But oil is optional. If your skin is dry, it is better to put some oil at the end. 


This one is matte smooth mineral foundation. It makes skin more light and cover pores, wrinkles and lines. Moreover, it lasts for a long time and the powder protects skin from dryness and moisturizing the skin. It can removed by hand soap, you can erase by a soap they offered in the box! Do not need to put special cleansers! You can put this one as make-up base to make your skin more brighter! or just putting as skin care.


This one is night mineral foundation. You can put this one even in night, when you go to bed. This can be used as a base foundation or finishing powder. This one is bedtime treatment so you can confortably go to bed with it ! 


This is the photo that I put matte smooth mineral foundation and then night mineral foundation. So if you put two at the same time, the first one will make your skin more lighter and the night foundation will make your skin more suitable to your skin color.


As you can see here, these are also MADE IN JAPAN ! 



This one is before using matte smooth mineral foundation and night mineral foundation ! 



This photo is after using two foundations! I am so sorry that you cannot see the differences but I can see my skin became more brighter and more soft! 


You can remove your foundation easily with a soap and your brush also!!! This item will make your skin be ready to do make-up and enhance your skin more moisturized! 


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Ellesoie Crystal Gel & CRYSTAL Peeling Gel

Ellesoie crystal gel and crystal peeling gel are from same company, Ellesoie Cosmetics. This company provide their products only to ryokans and hotels in Japan. You cannot see them in pharmacies or department stores or duty-free shops because they want thier customers test their products jsut after washing their skin. They provide only functional skincare products.


The left one is crytal peeliung gel and the right one is crystal gel. You can have double effects if you use both at the same time. 


Peeling gel contains 150g and released in 2006 in Japan. This is a pump type so you can easily control usage and there is no special chemical smells. As its packaging color, gel is white color as well. The small nano grains will clean the impurties which are not easy to remove by simple washing or exfoliating. As grains are small, it does not hurt the skin neither occur any skin alergy. 


As you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. It is composed with micro collagen and micro hyaluronic acid which fortifies your skin more moisture. In addition, they did not add colorings or mineral oils which are not really good for skin. 



Before using peeling gel, wash your face and remove make-up. Then dry your face. Then pump 1-3 times on your hand and massage your face for about 30 -40 seconds. Then clean your face with warm water. Apply it every 2-3 days. Here, you can massage on your neck also not only your face. 



It is very soft and it keeps my skin moisturized after using this one. Moreover it removes some dirties which are deep inside of the skin and hard to remove it with ordinary facial washing cream. 


Once you cleaned your face with peeling gel, then it is better to put this crystal gel. It contained 60g and focused on moisturizing. This one is an all-in-one gel works as a skin lotion, milky lotion, skin essence, nutritive cream and base. The gel is not irritating your skin at all so all skin type can use this one. In addition, this product did not add colors, mineral oil or surfactants so even children or old people can use this one. 


This is combined of placenta which is good for whitening, marine collagen which is good for moisturizing, three types of seaweed – brown algae, red algae, freen algae, and Vitamine C and more natural things which are good for skin. Furthermore, they included anti-inflammatory agent which is good for sunburn care.



Put appropriate amount of gel on your face. Before putting this gel make sure that you clenaned your skin. 



Massage it softly, you do not need to massage it a lot or putting additional cream because even with a little amount of gel, you can get a big effect ! 


If you are interested in skin care, mostly in moisurizing, you will like this product. Mostly, this one will be good to apply after hot spring or sauna! 


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This gel is based on vegetal placenta, which is origin of plant origin. It is an organic gel, so people who are not able to use an animal derived product can use this one. Organic cosmetics are becoming popular and get interests by Korean and Japanese customers. It is because we do more care about ingredients today. 


It contains 50g and you can use it not only for face gel but also you can put any dry areas such as on your hands, elbows or legs. It works as body lotion. This is liquid type so you can control your amont of use by this pump. 2-3 times pumping is enough for cover all your face. As it is liquid type, it can easily penetrate deeply into the skin. It is composed with rose placenta extract and the stem cell extract which are produced and rose in Bulgaria. This cream is very safe, you do not have to worry about chemical alergy and did not used animal placenta. 


As you can see here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. Its major function is whitening, anti-aging and moisture care. It will enhance your skin growth factor. In addition, vegetal placenta has more antioxidant effect than animal placenta so you can benefit more and quickly thanks to this item. This gel can help renew your cellul and restraint of melanin excretion so that you can keeping whitening and moisurized skin. 



Take a coin size portion on your hand and apply it on your entire face. Apply more heavily on around eyes and lips because these areas are easy to get dry. Anyways, you can control your usage by your skin type. Put more gels if your skin is dry. You can also put some particular dry areas. It is really good to moisturize your skin so it will be good to calm your burned skin from the sun. Even people who have sensitive skin and young people can use, not only for adults. So, when you apply, you can feel this gel refresh and repair your skin as fast as possible. Furthermore, it lasts for a long time so you do not need to put additional cream after it.



Only a little amount of gel was enough to cover all my hand. As it is liquid type, you can massage it smoothly and softly. However, this gel is very slippery as it is from vegetal placenta. So, even after washing my hands, some slippery liquid are left and does not remove out even after using soap and cleansing creams to wash it. 

So, If you find any organic gel, based in vegetal placenta, and have sensitive skin, please try this one! 


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D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm

D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm is not a ordianary cleansing cream that you see in the cosmetic market. This is a solid cream type and really smooth. At first sight, you might think this one is very hard and solid, but actually this one is very soft. 


It contains 90g, you might able to use it at least for 2 months. It packed in luxurious small box colored red and white. It looks like its packaging is well designed and innovative item as well. When you open it, you can see there is one spoon and some pictures explain how to use. But of course, it is written in Japanese, so I will introduce how to use. 


MADE IN JAPAN is clearly written on the box. You can feel 5 benefits at one time. Firstly, it has cleansing, facial wash, exfoliation, massage and treatment functions which will help remove your make-up quickly. The cream is very smooth and rich, so that it will stay for a long time after using it and keep moisturizing your skin. Then, there are pore clear capsules, which are nano-sized capsules will provide deeply into your pores and eliminate your make-up and clear your clogged pores. In addition, it is composed wiht 31 differents kinds of aging care ingredients; nano collagen, nano hyaluronic acid, nano cermaide and so on, which will make your skin keep soft and moisturized after using. Lastly, you do not need to put additional creams after cleansing! 


I really like this item because it is very different from other products. When I used another cleansing facial cream, cream was so chemical so my face became dry although my make-up moved-well. So, I should put some serums and creams everytime and when I washed my face again, my skin became dry again. So, dryness skin after using facial cream was my big problem. But you do not have to worry about that if you use this item. It really makes your skin moisturized, smooth, soft, moisturized and you do not have to put additional creams after that. Moreover, if you want, you can use it as make-up removal or just for facial cleansing cream. 


You can see there is a spoon in there. I hope you use this spoon for using this cream. It is because this cream is balm type and also it helps you how amount you can use. Just spoon a little, because you do not have to use it much. Even you use only some, it works well. Firstly, spoon it a little and put on your hand. Then put some water and rab your hands. Then put rab your face and massage smoothly for about 10-15 seconds! 


If you have dry skin and want to make your face more smooth and soft after using make-up removal cream. Please, try this item! You will find this item is very different from others. 


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Plus Pure VC25

Plus Pure VC25 is high concentrated vitamine C serum. However, vitamine C is a hard ingredient to handle for comsmetic products although it is well known that vitamine C is good for skin and makes your skin moisturized, protected and firmed. So, we can say that this is one of the rare item you can see.


Sample size contains 2mL and original size (big one) contains 10mL. It is protected by black packaging and when you open it, you can see that there is a thraw and serum is well contained in a glass of bottle. With a thraw, it helps to use appropriate amount of serum and avoid to using it with your hands. When you use your cosmetic with your hands, creams and serums can be easily polluted hygienically not really clean. ** This is sample size, 2mL on this photo.


It smells fresh lemons and fruits. It is because lemon is one of its major ingredient. For obtaining 10mL of serum, 130 lemons are contributed. Kiwi, litchi, strawberry, papaya have vitamine C but there is more vitamine C in lemons. Many researches show that Vtamine C helps to repair damaged skin, helps anti-aging and whitening. it also gets rid of dead skin cells and makes skin more smoother and lighter. It also protects wounds from infection. It smells fruits and fresh lemons. 


First of all, you only need 4-5 drops to cover all your face. As there is a straw, you can easily control your usage. This serum is not sticky or oily type. So every skin type can use this serum. For example, me, I have a oily face type but I have no problem to use this product. Before applying this item, you should wash your face. I usually put it just after washed my face, so that it can penetrate deeply inside of skin. If you put some creams or another serum before applying this item, you might not have 100% result. Because other creams that you put before could be hinderance. 


This can be dissolved by water and oils. So if you want to remove this item, you can easily use water to get out of it. You do not need special make-up remover cream to erase. Personally, I tried this one at night, so that it can stay for a long time and works well. These days, my skin does not have energy because of sunny weather and stress and a lot of work make look my skin so tired. But after using this one, I could have a direct result just day after. So it will be very useful if you want to have a quick result, change your face color from dark to white. In addition, if you have an important meeting or wedding, this item can help you a lot. 






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A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence

A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence, this item is ALL IN ONE cream and makes skin more moisture and clear. It is composed with 5 big ingredients which are good for whitening, anti-aging and improving wrinkles and so on. So let`s take a look! 


It contains 50mL and packaging color is similar as blossom color. I think this blossom color is very popular for girls because it gives soft, young, and smooth images. It does not have some particular smells and no chemical smells as well. When you open it, you can see that is a pump type and has a cap as well to protect whenever some creams come out. 


It is composed with 5 major beauty ingredeints which are known to be effective for whitening, improving wrinkles and sofening grain as all the women desire. It can be applied to every skin type as it is conditionning serum. And here in Japan, it is very popular item because it works the cell to train and remove negative things from our skin, so that it makes our skin much more healthier. 


They used really good ingredients;  Inirain-Roifashiru which is good for wrinkles, armature nozzle extract which helps moisture and circulation, oil-soluble vitamins A which affects for whitening and elasticity, natural vitamin E for circulation and promotion, absorption vitamin C for whitening as well.  



Regarding for using, push appropriate amount which can cover your face. Usage depends on your skin type. If you skin is very dry, you should put more because this cream will absorb very quickly into your face. But if you have normal or oily face, this amount, as you can see from this picture, will be enough to have efficient resultat.

Then, massage your face smoothly, here, you do not have to massage your face too hard. Put carefully, your V-shape! For me, I put only on my cheeck because my forehead and my nose are very oily, so I avoid putting creams or gels on there. But as I told you before, usage depends on your face type and on you. 

Before putting cream, you should make sure that your face is clean enough to put it. Because, if you do not wash your face before and put this cream, you might get some skin troubles because of mixture of harmful things on your face. So, keep in mind that clean your face, and wipe moistured on your face and then put some creams. 

I usually put this moisturizing cream at night because it can last and absorb for a long time while I am sleeping and I am really happy to find my moisturized skin when I wake up. 


So, this is the photo when you massage all your face. There are still shiny effects but do not worry! it will absorb very quickly into your skin and make your face more moisturized and smooth! This cream has a lot of moisturized fonctions so it will be very useful someone has dry skin and using it in summer season. 


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AHA Excellent Soap Plus and Counseling Gel Moist Type

Excellent soap plus and counseling gel moist type are not ordinary products. It is from Excellent Medical company from Japan, they handle the producs which are doctor`s cosmetics and supplements, and developped with medical specialists and medical institutions. They cared about choosing ingredients and only chosed higher active ingredients compare to other cosmetics on the market. So let`s take a look! 


Firstly, I will introduce AHA excellent soap. It contains 100g, which you can use for 2 months. It helps for firming and has moisturize functions. In addition, it is made of 7 differents natural extracts; Polygonum cuspidatum, licorice, tea, rosemary, chamomile, gotu kola and skullcap are the examples. This item is focused on the exfoliating and anti-aging care, which cures up your dull skin to bright skin. 


It does not remove your make-up so you should use your special mak-up removal cream before using this product. You can apply this item simply when you want to wash your face and do not want to use any chemical facial cream to wash your face. 


You can rub it one or two times because small amount will be enough for facial washing! So if you do care about firming or moisturizing and anti-aging, this item will be good for you! 


This is counseling gel which is composed of 7 big ingredients hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramide, collagen, and elastin, cherry blossom extract and chamomile extract as well. These ingredients will keep your soft and moisturizing everyday. Wrinkles and acne troubles usually come from lack of moisture in the skin. It contains 180g which you can apply for 2 months. It has 4 effects as well; lotion, cream, milky lotion and essence so you do not have to put a lot of different creams. It is a ALL IN ONE cream. 


Before applying it, please clean your face thoroughly. If you do not clean well before applying this cream, it will be hard to gel to penetrate into your skin. Also, if you did make-up, please remove it as well. Then, push one or two times, do not use a large amount at once. Spread the gel from middle of the face to the outside part of your face. If you have some dry areas, please put 1 or 2 times more so that it can absorb well into your skin. Here the tip is do not massaging your face so hard or press down your skin. Because this cream absorb quickly even you do not do extra rubbing! 







From my point of view, these two items are very soft and works well. Especially counseling gel is really good for moisturizing your face. So I put it every night after washing my face. So that I can have fully moisturized skin in the morning so that, my make-up works well. Especially in summer, skins tend to get dry so it is neccessary to care your skin with special moisturized cream everyday. 


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AILUS Lasting Smooth Powder Foundation

I use BB cream and then foundation to finish my make-up base. Foundation is very essential for make-up. But if your skin is so dry, it is possible that foundation does not absorb into your skin and makes make-up little messy. So that is why I always used BB cream before putting foundation because of my dryness skin. But how about if foundation lasts for a long time and moisturizing at the same time? Ailus Lasting smooth powder foundation is ont of that cosmetic type.


It is conatained by blossom color packaging and has 10g. It also has sunblock fonctions, SPF 19/ PA+. It is small as you can easily grap in your hand and as it is small, it is very convenient to put in your handbacks and correct your make-up in subways or in bus wherever you want. It has a small glass as well so you can check you make-up is correct or see your face very clearly. There is a small cushion which is very soft, so that you can put your foundation on your face smoothly


This item is from OSAKA, JAPAN. 2 big elements of this product is Vitamine E and hyaluronic acid. Vitamine E gives nutrition to your skin and reoxygen damaged cells, moreover it roles anti- inflammatory processes. And makes skin more bright and healthier looking.  Hyaluronic acid is good for anti-aging. 


This powder covers perfectly your face, and you can apply easily even uneven areas with this cushion offered. It makes your skin smooth and finish your make-up perfectly. This color makes you more healthier skin as well. If you like natural color make-up, put just a little. If you want to get whitening effect, put little bit more. Usage depends on way of your make-up style. 


Firstly, wipe your face with facial cream. Make your face clean before applying. And then, put some serums and creams so that your skin will be moistured. If you like whitening skin, put some BB creams before putting foundation. However, if you think putting only foundation is enough, you can skip this BB cream step! And then put some powders and you can control your usage by your color preference. Here, if you want, you can put only some parts of your face. Some people think that we should cover all our face when we use foundation but it is not true. If you want, you can put only some dark areas of your face or only some parts where you would like to cover or hide. This is my make-up style, so please reference it! 


In this photo, you can see clear difference from <BEFORE/ AFTER> effect. It effects soft and smooth whitening color. Moreover, the powders are very small so skin absorbs very well whenever I put it. In addition, it lasts for a long time so you do not have to put every hours or check your make-up! 


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CRE CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL

This is innovative item for someone who suffers from blackheads and dead skin for nose!! I think mostly everyone has blackheads but do not know how to remove it. Me too, I want to remove my blackheads and get a clean nose but do not know how to do. I tried everything like, blackheads stickers that you put for 15 to 20 minutes and saw some articles about how to move blackheads but I could not get clear informations about that. So, that is why I will introduce Pore gommage paste item! 


It contains 20g and small size and you can see from this photo. Pink packaging and this small size make this item more cute.  This does not contain any particular smells because it is composed with natural things. It is composed with 6 big ingredients. First one is LA MER POWDER. It generates negative ions and removing sebum and dirt that blocks pores and also has the scrubbing effect for removing dead skin. Moreover, it contains rich mineral content, it moistures your nose. It generates weak electricity as well which activates and promotes the metabolism of the skin. Second ingredient is TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS POLYSACCHARIDE POWDER which tightens pores and moisturized. In addition, GINGER RHIZOME EXTACT makes nose gradually warmer within the pack and make the pore s easy to open and completely adsorbing dirt. La MER POWDER is from okinawa and Kumejima deep sea water which has rich minerals. Lastly, this all components make synergy and refreshes and cleanses dirty pores and softens and moistens the skin of your nose. 


As you can see here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. 


Only a small amount will be used for cover your nose, you do not need to put a lot. When you apply it, you can feel it is very soft and do not have any big grains so it will not hurt your nose as other similar items. Firstly, clean your skin and wipe moisture away and apply this item to the nose including around the sides as well. After waiting 3 minutes, massage the treated area with your finger about 10 seconds. Rinse your nose with moistured cotton pad with lotion or tepid water. 


In my case, I apply it 2 or 3 times a week. As we sweat a lot in summer seasons, I do clean my face as many as possible and at the same time I use this item to remove my blackhead. In here, the tips that I can give you is that wipe your face with tepid water! which means, water that is not too cold neither not too hot. This temperature helps open nose pore so that gommage can absorb inside and works properly. 


I tested this item. Put some creams by using your second finger. Actually, that amount was little bit a lot for cover my nose. So, I recommend put a little than that. 



Put on my nose and massaged for 10 seconds as it is written on the packaging and waiting for a while. 



You cannot really see the difference from <BEFORE/ AFTER> photo, but anyways, I could feel that my nose is much more clean than when I used only normal facial cream. If you have blackhead problems as me, please try to use it!! It works very well! 


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SCALP-D BEAUTE Pure Free Eyelash – Eyelash Serum

Having long eyelish is girls` best wish! Some girls go to beauty shop and put some artificial long eyebrows. But it starts to fall after 1 or 2 weeks and finally, it disappears one day. Some people say eating protein foods as eggs, meats can be helpful make hairs long. But how can we get our long eyebrows? So, I will tell you secret how we can make longer our eyebrows! This item is the No.1 sold eyelash serum in Japan and won the first place of the Cosme Best Cosmetics Awards three years in a row! I won its hall of fame in 2015. 


It contains 6mL and well covered by pink packaging. You can easily understand this item is for making eyebrows longer from the photos on packaging. You might think that 6mL is not a lot but putting only for eyebrows once a day will be enough to use it for about 2 months! There is no particular smells and when you open it, there is a brush that you can apply it on your eyebrows and there is clear liquid inside the bottle! 


As you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. This item is not just make eyebrows longer but also it helps eyebrows more thicker. So, I strongly suggest it to someone who lose their eyelashes easily. Ingredients are water, BG, pentylene glycol, glycerin etc, I will not enumerate all but you can get all ingredients information from Cosmeria website. This item has 3 big strong points; first one is it keeps all the eyelashes growning now and have grown. Widelash ingredient maintains strengthened eyelashes as well as strengthening eyelashes. Next, they avoided to use some ingredients, silicone, oil, alcohol, preservatives, artificial gragrance, artificial colorings, and surfactant as it is for applying eye area where is very sensitive part of our body. Lastly, it will help firm eyelashes to grow from the roots with the serum ingredients! They cared from the view of preventive medicine and considered about hair growing cycle. 



So, how we can use? You can apply it once in a day, every morning or every night for 3 weeks. Putting everyday is very important to have a result that you want. Moreover, if you decided to put it every morning, keep putting every morning. If you change the putting cycle day by day, it will be hard that your eyelashes can be longer. 



There is a small brush that you can use! But do not use in areas wherer you affected by injury, eczema or pigment anomalies etc. Moreover, you should stop using itif you have any irritation or itching. The important thing that I should tell you is that, you should keep this item in cool areas! It is very important for item and for you! Do not store in areas where is extremely heated or cold, or where receving direct sunlight!! Furthermore, you should close it carelfully after use! 



You can see my eyelashes are very short… And I started to apply it since yesterday, so I will update an <AFTER> photo as soon as possible after 3 weeks! 


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ATORREGE AD+ madicated hand cream curemoist

Every girls have handcream in their own handbags. In other words, it is very essential for girls. This protect our hands not too dry and keep it moistured as well. Handcreams are easy to give presents to our friends or our familes as well. The cosmetic item from Japan, is very different from other handcreams that we can see in the drug stores. Because it has medical fonctions and has real fonction to make our hands moistured! 


As clearly seen from this picture, it is handy size so that it is very easy to bring everywhere. There is no problem to put in your backpacks or handbags, whenver you go to work or travel. It contains 40g. You might think it contains little creams than other handcreams that you see in cosmetic store. But there is the reason why there are only 40g! As it is highly concentrated cream, you do not have to put a lot !! Only putting a little amount would be enough to care your hands and keep it moisuted for a long time. In addition, they did not used special parfume or colors to make it pretty or attract more people. If you cannot believe me, it is also written in Japanese on the front of the packaging (of course in Japanses), so if you understand any Kanji, you can verify it soon!! You do not have to worry about skin alergy.


It is composed with 3 big ingredients; first one is called Placenta extracts, which is skin-whitening ingredient which can prevent blemishes and freckles because of sunburns and bring clarity and smoothness to your hands and skin.

Second one is akebia stems extract, it brings a full moisture-rich feeling to your hands and skin with each application. Your skin will feel smooth and pleasure to touch! 

Third one is long-lasting moiture formula, which is made up of 8 differents moisturizing ingredients, it brings a great suppleness to your skin even after washing your hands! 


When you apply it at the first time, you can see directly it is highly concentrated. So it might be more suitable for someone who suffer from dryness skin or for your parents or grandparents who do not have much moistured skin. The interesting to note is that you can apply it everywhere, dry and blemish-prone areas such as your elbows, knees and heels. So when you open it, put an appropriate amount to dry areas on your hands and skin, and spread out! Massage your skin softly during it makes for effective results! 






Personally, this item does not affordable for me, because my hand is not very dry to use this products. So I really recommend someone who suffers from dryness not only for hands but other parts as well, and parents or grandparents who really need high concentrate cream. 


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AloAlo hair essential oil mist

You have heard about a hair mist or hair oil. Hair mist is a spray only for moisturizing your hairs from dryness and hair oil is for putting some nutritions and keeping moisturized your hair for a long time. And how about if there is Hair mist + Hair oil? AloAlo hair essential oil mist is the answer! 


As you can see from here, this is spray type and have a protection cap. It contains 100ML and handy size. Which means, it is not too small neither not too big, so that you can bring this everywhere. Personally, I bring this everytime whenever I travel or in my backpacks in daily life as well. It smells SO GOOD, mostly mixture of herb which makes me so relax and THE BEST ITEM that I have never had. So what is the ingredients? it is mixture of special ingredients. There are 5 beauty ingredients which make your hair supple and glossy. Moreover 9 differents essential oils make your hair softly. Alga near spinosa kemel oil, camellia seed oil, shea butter oil, sunflower seed oil , Iran Iran Hanayu and Roman chamomile flower oil are the components.


It works both wet and dry hair and gives your hair more naturally and smoothly. Usually in summer season, it is not hard to keep your hair from the sun. The sun is very hot enough to dry your hair. In my case, I have really thin hairs, so I am afraid that it breaks up. So after shampoo and rinse, I put this oil mist on my wet hair. So that it can last more longer. However, I do not put on my top of the head because top of my head is very oily. So I put only on the end of my hair because this is where not a lot of nutritions are reaching. However, usuage depends on your hair type. For example, If you have middle-long or long hair as me and want to care only the end of your hair, it will be a good idea to put only the split ends. In contrast, if you suffer from your hair dryness, you can put everywhere wheter top of the head and the bottom. 


So, I tried to put it, so open the cap and watch carefully which parts of your hair you would like to put. For me, it was only bottom of my hair. 



I am so sorry about the before/ after photos. So I made a video and put link in here, so please take a look. On that video, you can know more and its fuctions. This item is must have item for young people but it can be a good present as well to your mother or friends or your sisters’ present. It can be used not only in summer but in every season as well!!! Let’s protect our damaged hair with ALOALO HAIR OIL MIST 


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Lip stick moisture rich – ailus

When you normally put lipstick, you may reput every 1 hour because of dryness. So, in my case, I put lipstick and then lip protector after and it was too annoying bring 2 things and put 2 things as well. But if you try Lip stick moisutre rich from Ailus, Japanese company. You do not need to worry about dryness. It will keep your lip moistured as long as possible.


As you can see from packaging, lipstick color is soft pink which makes you more cute. It contains 3.7g and the size is same as other lipsticks. It is very soft and handy. It nourishes lips with a lot of moisturizing ingredients. And how it can be possible? It is because they cared about choosing ingredients. Apple extract and glossy oil and jojoba oil and honey extract are key elements for this item.  So, what is their work? 

Firstly, apple extract helps to keeping oxidization on lips and removes the negative skins. Glossy oils helps your lips for lasting moisturized and shine. Jojoba oil and honey extract works for moisturizing and makes plump lips! This is how you can lasting your lips moistured and keep lasting for a long time ! 

It is from Naris Cosmetics from Osaka. Their fore is developping products the skin`s power with new technology. If you zoon this photo, you can see clearly that is from OSAKA, JAPAN.



Personally, I did not like put lipsticks as I told you on the top of the page (Because of dryness). But since I knew this item, I put everyday. And I do not have to worry about dryness anymore. When you put it, it is very soft and you do not have to put a lot. Actually, If you want to have strong color you can put two times and if you like soft color, put one time will be enough. For my case, I put only one time as I like sweet color. 


For erasing your lipstick, you can use normal make-up cleansing form and you can use also normal facial washing cream as well. As it is very soft, you do not have to use strong chemical cleansing form to erase and sometimes, wiping with tissu and washing with water work as well. 


I really love this products because this color fits well for every dress and every clothing as it is not very strong. Furthermore, this color is Korean and Japanese girls` favorite one! Because it is close to blossom colour! 


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Undecor oil- Suzuki herb laboratory

Asians people usually do not like oil type skin care beacuase it is so sticky and greasy. Otherwise, Europeans love oils and they put everywhere as on hair, on face and on body, especially in summer seasons. Some cheap oils are only greasy and have any functions. But this one, undecor oil is composed with herb extract and an innovative item. Because it is very different among other items because it is non-greasy! So let`s have a look. 


As you can see here, it contains 15mL, pump type and it is small size. Herb photo shows that it is one of its important ingredient. And when you open it, it smells mixture of herbs which is really good to relax. Personally, I put it below my nose and ear whenever I feel so tired and it helps me a lot. This herb smells are enough to get rid of stress and make me confortable. I strongly suggest for someone who has a lot of stress and for students who will have big test soon. In addition, it will be a good idea for parents or grandparents present


It is mixture of rice bran oil, macadamia seed oil, olive fruit oil and flower, fruit , leaf extracts. This company use only natural ingredients and it is safe even for children and for pregnants. That is the reason why it only contained only 15mL as well. It means that oils are highly concentrated. The best tip for buying cosmetics is to buy small size and change every month or every one month and half. So, imagine that you use this item every night, maybe you can use it for about 2 months. As it is well concentrated, you do not have to reput again and again. 


This product is not only for face. You can use it everywhere, for example, on your palms and in the whole of your face and every part if your dry skin. pushing 2 times will be enough for one time use. 


So, I tested this item. Firstly, clean well your skin part where you will put this item. And then dry well. Once your skin is clean, push 1 or 2 times. Actually, usage depends on your skin type. If you have a dry skin, you can pump it more than 3 times and if you want to put only some particular areas or if you have oily skin, pushing 1or 2 times will be enough. 


It absorbs very well into the skin and smells are very relaxing and not greasy at all. Also, you can clean this oil (if you want) , you can clean it just by water. Do not need to use additional cleansing cream for erase it. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about skin problem as it is based on natural herb.



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I am going to talk about Hot cleansing gel from MaNara Japanese company. I was little bit wondering why it calls HOT cleansing gel. I got sample one and the photo you see below is sample size as well. As you can see here, its main color is orange and contains 4g, which is enough to use for face washing or remove your make-up for one time. And original one contains 200g. When you open it, its color is orange and does not have any particular smells.


As you can see from here, it is MADE IN JAPAN. This gel is blended with hyaluronic acid, collagen which are good for anti-aging, Royal jelly, squallance and ceramides which helps moisturising your skin. This gel is not only for clearing away your make-up but also removes disconcerting pore blockaghes and mostly, leaving your skin clean and fully moisturized. It is composed with 100% natural oils and some featurings which are extracted from grape fruits. 


Sorry for my photo, actually it is orange color but on my photo, it looks little bit light orange. Anyways, as you can see below, when you open, you will get that amount of products, which is 4g. Firstly, open your sample and rub your hands together until it is getting hot. After, applying this gel on your hands to the entire surface of your face and keep rubbing for a minutes. And then, rinse it with water around 32‘C until you cannot see white or cloudy bubbles. And also, make sure if you put some gels along the hairline, nostrills etc. Here is a tip!

1. More you rub the gel, more it will getting hot!

2. Rinse your face with water around 32‘C


So, I tried this one. I put some lipsticks on my arm and tried to erase this one!


When you put it, you can feel this is concentrated gel and the interesting thing is that more you wipe your arm, more you can feel it is getting hot and it is getting easy to remove your make-up. Personally, I like this warm keeps my face after using it and there is no tightness or dried skin probelms after using it. I use it every morning and night. You can use it for remove your make-up or simply using for facial cleaning.



My make-up is completely earsed. Before the end, I would like to tell you that this cleansing gel cannot erase waterprood msacara. So I recommend you remove it with a specialized remover before cleansing.


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Cleansing lotion – chulala

This contents are written from my point of view as cosmetic user. I am trying to best myself to describe products and telling you what I felt about this product. So this blog is not commercial and it is more like daily experience. Moreover, I will talk about only my Japanese cosmetics experiences! By the way, every time you will see sumo icon and his name is COSMO.


We are going to talk about Cleansing lotion from chulala. As you can see from here, left one is sample one and contains 30mL, which you can use for a week and this will be very useful if you travel. And the right one is original size, contains 150mL. Which means, you can use it about one month and half.  If you see, you might think the water inside is blue but only the packaging is blue and the water inside is pure water from OKINAWA, JAPAN. There are some cottons in sample packaging and it is a bottle type. However, original one is a pump type and have a cap so that you can prevent it to go out, and control how much you use it when you do not use or when you go to travel.

Here are some photos of Okinawa and it is very famous place in Japan for beautiful landscape and mostly for water cleaness. Okinawa attracts a lot of tourists every year !

As you can see here,


Even you do not understand any Japanese, you can always catch attention to this MADE IN JAPAN sentence

because this one is always written in English. As this cleansing lotion is based on OKINAWA WATER, there is no chemical smells and some particular parfums. In addition, it is mixed of fruit, yuzu, ginger extracts. So, you can smell fresh water from Okinawa in this small bottle. Sometimes, washing face so many times can make skin troubles as tightness and dry or turnover. So, that is why people tell you washing two times after using your cleansing form.

But this lotion do not need to wash two times as it is based on water and even you do not wash your face for only one time, there will be no problems. Furthermore, this item can be used for two foctions. It can be a make-up, eye remover and face washing. 


So I tried this one on my hand to show you.

Firstly, I could not believe that this water type cleansing form can wash make-up perfectly and fastly. But after using it, I became really like this product. For using it, if you want to use as a make-up removal, I recommend you to pushe is four to six times and using two pieces of cottons will be a good idea. However, if you want to use it as face-washing, two to three pushes would be a ideal and you need only one cotton for that. When you apply it, it is like water and after using it, there are no tightness moreover, you do not have to wash it more than two times.  It has magical power to erase your make-up in 2 seconds. 

I recommend you using cottons for apply this products. Because as it is water type, you can erase more easily and perfectly if you use cottons. As it can erase very quickly make-up, it is a good idea to have one when you have a busy day or when you are tired day but still need to remove your make-up. And I mentioned that, you do not need two times face-washing as other products and you can erase your make-up in 2 seconds, it is because water is from OKINAWA OCEAN MINERALS, so that is why there is no tightness after use.



I really wiped my make-up on my hands in 2 seconds and there is fresh feelings after using. Moreover, as most of compositions are from OKINAWA OCEAN, I do not have to wash it two times. I strongly recommend someone who want to remove your make-up in a few seconds and who like natural skin care.



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